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ManyCam offers many functions to customize your video chats and to revalue.



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You should run the risk to have a video transmission with your webcam ManyCam to assist. The software according to your wishes your transfer picture style tanks and even in real time.

A standard webcam offers has a wide variety of possibilities with your PC. You can video conversations, turning small movies, or use it as a room monitor. With the software ManyCam, you can get even more from your webcam and add fun and useful things.

The most outstanding feature of the software ManyCam is the ability to use this program with others, which at the same time attract your webcam or use. This is rarely possible and supported from a software. By this function and this feature can you live, while you entertain yourself with someone, for example, customize your own image and change. The possibilities are almost limitless.

ManyCam offers many features that enhance your image a little. So you can share to for example an avatar you, only your own eyes look out from the. Here, there are bears, cows, or even Santa Claus to the selection. You can sit easily in a new environment and burn for example your background or you simply sit on a mountain. You have a bad day and light eyes, it is possible for your conversations to put on a stylish pair of sunglasses you. The function simply to sit, in an aquarium where the fish to swim you is funny. You can use a small program a little spice up any entertainment, you're that perhaps runs the risk to become a little "dull", with ManyCam and bring life to the transmission.

Description of the version: ManyCam

ManyCam offers many features that so does not exist. The rarest or most outstanding is certainly the possibility to use your webcam with other programs at the same time. This feature is relatively rare and is what makes a particular program ManyCam. This way you can, live and in real time to many effects to enrich your conversations. You can change wallpapers, deface your face, add fonts, and apply many other effects in the program.

Features and outstanding features of ManyCam

• Use your webcam with ManyCam and other programs simultaneously
• Values to your conversations with great effects
• Sit yourself in an aquarium or a burning landscape
• Assign an avatar of you

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