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The new mahjongg Easter puzzle picks up on the system of the popular mahjongg series with Easter motifs.



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Mahjongg Easter Puzzle

You love mahjongg, but the Chinese images were you always a horror? Then, the new mahjongg Easter meet puzzle now. The game is simple proven according to tradition: find the correct pairs in the mahjongg Easter puzzle, and remove it by clicking on. But be careful: If you remove the wrong stones, you can build you other stones. Then the game is quickly unsolvable. Better so first think before you decide for a move. So you become the mahjongg Easter puzzle masters. Try and puzzle come from the latest edition of the mahjongg Easter delight.

The mahjongg Easter puzzle can be played just like the mahjongg games that you already know. And yet there's something new: instead of the classic Chinese motifs with flowers, bears and characters, cute bunnies, chicks and other Easter motifs await you at the mahjongg Easter puzzle. Proper holiday spirit comes up with the mahjongg Easter puzzle. And it's something else just right?

You can easily download the mahjongg Easter puzzle for us. Just save it on your hard drive, and install it quickly. A registration or an update on the mahjongg Easter puzzle is not necessary. You can just start playing.

Here, a lot more new features in the mahjongg Easter puzzle waiting for you:

• A fully-functional, free trial version
• Runs on all major operating systems
• Varied Easter pictures leave no room for boredom
• Different levels of difficulty
• Different schedules for every taste
• Kniffelspaß

Mahjongg is a game more than four thousand years old, Chinese. The puzzle also the mahjongg Easter puzzle is based on its rules, but almost one hundred and fifty years ago discovered by an American traveler. He simplified the rules a little and summed up to a different variations of the puzzle. He called the game Mah Jong, which translates as "Hemp Sperling" on German means. This small bird can be seen indeed on many tiles. If he puzzle is also included in the mahjongg Easter? Find it out. Within a few years, mahjongg was such a popular game so it was manufactured around the world. There were for their own magazines and tournaments. Also, regularly new issues like the mahjongg Easter puzzle were developed. Before you could play it on the computer, using appropriate tokens. One diversification on the hand after a specific system; of course without the motives.

Description of the version: Mahjongg Easter Puzzle

With the Easter puzzle mahjongg puzzle fun is guaranteed. The software is a classic Mahjongg game in modern design: the traditional Asian motifs have been replaced with cute Easter motives. There are different game plans and levels of difficulty that you can set according to your own ideas. The mahjongg Easter puzzle is 98SE, ME, for PCs with the operating systems Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP.

The program of mahjongg Easter puzzle in the near future:

• The classic principle of the mahjongg game
• Numerous cute Easter motives
• Different game plans and levels of difficulty
• Compatible with operating systems Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, NT and XP

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