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With MahJong 2000 - luxury Edition 3.2, you get an interesting and fascinating PC game.



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MahJong 2000 - Luxusausgabe

The MahJong 2000 - luxury Edition 3.2 is a very well-equipped version of the classic Chinese game of tactics that usually with tiles on a table is built. These four players participate in a game. Instead of the tiles you have luxury Edition 3.2 in the online game of MahJong 2000 - an appropriate number of "Memorykarten" on your computer screen to view. However, MahJong 2000 - luxury Edition 3.2 is intended not only for the local computer. You can play 2000 - also on the go Deluxe Edition 3.2 MahJong on your notebook.

This game is a modern version of the probably centuries-old mahjong game from China. Deals you something with the history of the game, it is claimed that the original Mahjong was played over four thousand years ago. at the time of the Shang dynasty. Mahjong (so the spelling of Chinese), was reserved afterwards only the upper class. Ordinary people the tactical game to be been long withheld, and forbidden, to play it. The mahjong game spread end up in China and Japan. An American traveler, Joseph Babcock, brought the game to America. In the 1920s, he designed the game instructions, whom he had met through different variations of mahjong. Thus, this Chinese game was spread all over the world, and found many enthusiastic supporters in Europe, too.

You can download easily and quickly here luxury Edition 3.2 MahJong 2000 -. Click on the download button, and in a few minutes you can MahJong 2000 - play Deluxe Edition 3.2 on your home computer.

Several functional features in MahJong 2000 - luxury Edition 3.2

• Virtual game table
• Of the philosopher of Confucius sayings
• Info function for a token combination
• Image of an own mascot
• High-contrast appearance of the tiles
• Tiles as online maps

Requirements for the online game MahJong 2000 - luxury Edition 3.2

So you 2000 - optimally can apply luxury Edition 3.2 MahJong, the operating system Windows XP is required. The file size of MahJong 2000 - luxury Edition 3.2 is approximately 740 kilobytes (KB). Several test phases have shown that Windows XP is a very well suitable system to safely run luxury Edition 3.2 MahJong 2000 -. After you have downloaded luxury Edition 3.2 to MahJong 2000 -, the game can begin immediately. Another installation is no longer necessary.

Description of the version: MahJong 2000 - Luxusausgabe

The new version of MahJong 2000 - luxury edition is an advanced type of the computer game. It is therefore, much like in memory to find pairs. But here the individual tiles in certain constellations are stacked and can only be removed if you find two of them. Otherwise you won't get up also on the rocks below. If you manage to clear all the tiles, you will be rewarded with a Chinese wisdom.

The main features of MahJong 2000 - luxury Edition 3.2

• Elegantly designed tiles
• Your own photos for good luck in the game can be integrated
• Chinese wisdom for the right flair
• Displays help couples

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