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Music maker 16 premium is music software of top with a long tradition.



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MAGIX Music Maker

Music maker 16 premium is easy to use and offers you a myriad selection of sound effects to create your own songs on your PC - easy from home. If you beginner in the world of music production using computer programs and you related previously yet with the music maker 16 premium programs in touch come are, navigate you through an infobox and an interactive learning course two features to the page, which should facilitate the early friends and friends will help you quickly and easily with the software are available. Music maker 16 premium is suitable also for you, if you already know you in this profession, want to produce music at the highest level and have correspondingly high quality.

One feature that distinguishes the music maker 16 premium especially by his predecessors, is the seemingly infinite number of loops, you can work with in the meantime. Music maker 16 premium has namely according to manufacturer's instructions in the meantime an archive of 3500 loops! A good base for you and everyone else who want not too quickly reach their limits, because due to the huge number of such music devices is virtually the only limit of older versions by the music maker 16 premium now blown.

A special feature of the music maker is also 16 premium, you can extend your own songs, MP3s or tracks imported from CD by homemade recordings. You can just quickly and easily cut to about to remix and add effects. Of course absolutely realistic replicas of real instruments including drums, synth bass, power chords, and E - Grand stand pianos as well as natural acoustic and electric guitars available for this purpose. If you you interested for the music maker 16 premium, you can learn about the many new features and functions on the manufacturer's site and there order the software, or download.

Other features of the music maker 16 premium:

• 4-Band equalizer for each mixer channel
• Analog synthesizer with special sound package
• Authentic sound design by the effect series essential FX
• 96 Tracks of MIDI, audio and video
• Additional pressure in the sound by extra analog compressor
• Professional Mastering Suite

The music maker 16 premium and its history

The first version of today's music maker 16 premium, number 1, 1994 approached music maker on the market and has since continued its triumphal procession in the field of music programs. What was intended as a single of a professional software for the mass consumer market, attracted many fans of music processing in its spell soon and so the music maker has not lost its leading position in the field of music software 16 Premium through new innovations to date.

Description of the version: MAGIX Music Maker

MAGIX music maker 18 novelties:
In version 18 of the magic music maker you will find over 3,500 sounds & loops. Integrates an analog synthesizer of top-class, there are drums in absolute perfection. The Facebook upload is also new.

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