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To organize many photo data is the MAGIX Photo Manager is an easy-to-use program.



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Magix Foto Manager

Even with the digital camera on the road, much is photographed. Since a large amount of data comes together, which applies to sort it and archive. The free software MAGIX Photo Manager is there. But also an image editor can just run with this program.

The company MAGIX AG, founded in 1993 as a MAGIX Technology GmbH, is now an international software vendor headquartered in Berlin. First, we developed software for editing music. Since 1996, then joined software for design, editing, presentation and archiving of photos and videos. The free MAGIX Photo Manager is there now as version 10 and as a paid version, it is the MAGIX Photo Manager 10 deluxe.

The MAGIX Photo Manager is quite easy. After the opening of the program, you can see the individual operating elements are clearly arranged. Now you must decide what you want to do. Click on the desired task and it opens a new window that shows you the next options. With the import - function your photos will be read. Here you can to arrange your images in a specific category. It is possible to display the photos of a certain topic, no matter where you were actually saved it. You can also search for certain persons, automatic face detection helps you. Image processing of MAGIX Photo Manager, there are clever features such as color and brightness changes, that you can control with a slider. And red eye are also the past for you, an easy to use editing tool will help you with the correction. Photo montages and panoramic pictures are just as easy to make. You can show your pictures via different ways friends and acquaintances. Either you burn your photos on CD or DVD or use the possibility of the free online album, the friends MAGIX Photo Manager offers.

Description of the version: Magix Foto Manager

The latest version of MAGIX Photo Manager includes a fast image and import video from a variety of media. Data from many camera models can easily be read uncompressed RAW. About your images, you can keep track with the new management modes, which according to logical criteria, sort your photos and find. This includes the automatic face detection, which detects specific persons. You can present your photos in the new, free online album or just post in Facebook and co.

The most important new features of MAGIX Photo Manager 10

• Computer with at least 700 MHz
• Memory with at least 512MB
• 250MB of free hard disk space
• SVGA graphics card with min. 32 MB RAM and a resolution min. 1024 x 768 with 16-bit high-color should be present

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