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The image processing software MAGIX photo designer is characterized by the ease of use.



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Magix Foto Designer

The different tools of image processing software MAGIX photo designer set no limit your creativity. You can detail with the various tools edit your photos and also completely change at will. The MAGIX photo designer supports all popular graphic file formats.

In addition to the fill and gradient tools provides the MAGIX photo designer friends have different brush tools available. Retouching digital images is so easy. You can create individual collages, distort images, or using the built-in clone tool remove scratches, cracks and stains from the surface of the image. The advanced correction of brightness in the MAGIX photo designer is the ability, shadows, highlights, and midtones to work with friends, selectively choose the brightness and to carry out an automatic white balance. In addition, you have the opportunity to replace colors and wish to crop the image formats, to rotate or flip. For many of these operations simply single click with the mouse. The integrated tasks Wizard will use the software MAGIX photo designer is a great help. You can use also the effect filter with over 70 different ways to edit. It is also possible to remove individual objects from an image. By using the panorama Assembly, you can with the MAGIX photo designer from several individual images generate a perfect visibility of your motives.

The MAGIX photo designer needed for a properly functioning a processor 700 MHz. 256 MB of free RAM, and 40 MB of available hard disk space for program files minimum requirements for your PC. In addition, your computer should have about a SVGA graphics card with at least 32 MB RAM and a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels 16-bit high colour version. Photo designer you need to work with the MAGIX in addition a Microsoft compatible mouse.

Order in the shortest time to your photos with MAGIX photo editing Designer, simply click on the download button. A wizard guides you through the installation process and already you can give free rein to your creativity.

Description of the version: Magix Foto Designer

The MAGIX photo Designer 7.0 is a free alternative to the popular image-editing software. There a few clicks are enough photos to crop, rotate or mirror. Many in the MAGIX photo designer integrated effects allow you to create small works of art from photos in the blink of an eye. Now also a selective brightening, remove individual objects and a panorama Assembly are integrated in this release. The operation has been simplified also strongly and the wizard eliminates prior knowledge of image editing.

Useful functions of the MAGIX photo Designer 7.0

• Quick optimization of exposure, contrast, color and sharpness
• Advanced white balance brightness correction
• Image formats crop, rotate, flip, and scale
• Replace selected color by color of your choice
• Remove scratches, cracks and stains
• Enter text directly on the screen and edit

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