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Audio cleaning lab is a program for the digitisation and processing of music.



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Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

Audio cleaning lab 16 deluxe, you can digitize your music. Whether CD or cassette - do digital formats from your musical jewellery and remove noise and annoying static Crackle and crack the plates needles or the cassette player. Audio cleaning lab 16 deluxe supported in all output formats from WAV about WMA up to MP3. So you can optimize your analog audio sound. Audio cleaning lab 16 deluxe offers you many filters and Segueing to edit your audio files individually and optimally. Here you can choose whether this fully automatic or step by step should be done. Of course you can make all settings yourself like a pro. Thanks to the real time editing all effects and filters can apply directly, so that you can file as long sound until you're satisfied. Batch processing allows to edit several files, for example, all the songs on a record, with just one click with the same effect, so as to achieve a uniform sound 16 deluxe audio cleaning lab.

To digitize audio cleaning lab you need to connect just a record player or a stereo 16 deluxe cassette compartment via your sound card to the PC. Audio cleaning lab 16 deluxe records the incoming audio signal in real time. Then, you can edit the recorded material. Of course, you can also easily burn the restored and edited files onto a CD or DVD. Through the recording process of audio cleaning lab 16 deluxe, you can connect a microphone to your sound card and record as its own radio programmes and podcasts, you can of course edit.

Free download audio cleaning lab 16 deluxe. Click on the download button and the download of audio cleaning lab 16 deluxe starts.

More audio cleaning lab 16 deluxe features

•Ease of use: fully automatic processing for beginners suitable
• Many filters and effects to your music files
• Removes noise from cassette and vinyl recordings
• To record for radio broadcasts and podcasts
• Supports all commonly used input and output formats
• With info box: Great tips for all stages of the work

More information about the audio cleaning lab 16 deluxe

Audio cleaning lab 16 deluxe supports among others the file formats MP3, WMA, WAV, AIFF, OGG, and many more. The program runs on all Windows computers from Windows XP and is thanks to the clear interface and the helpful tips in the infobox for each simple and convenient to edit.

Description of the version: Magix Audio Cleaning Lab

The newly designed user interface guarantees a faster and more effective control to edit, optimize and restore your audio material. All presets are the integrated preview function now during the selection preview. On any songs transfer favorite sound SoundCloner 2:.

The current version of audio cleaning lab can await you with useful new features, very facilitating the recording, cut, edit, and burn your audio files you. You've got now recognize the possibility of interference by the software and to edit them manually. Also, the user interface has been thoroughly revised and improved. The display of infoboxes to effects and processing steps, you can keep track.

The new features of the latest version of audio cleaning lab

• significantly improved program interface
• easier insertion of effects through structured processing logging
• the overview track has been optimized
• Simply encircle noise and remove
• Customizable operator interface

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