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Magic 3GP Video Converter

Video files require mostly space due to their size. Thus, they are initially unsuitable in their original file format for use on your mobile phone. Magic 3GP video converter can change that. Using the free software you can convert your videos to be compatible for your mobile phone. The program recognizes a variety of file formats and can convert the video to 3GP format. So, your files despite high compression retain their quality. You can also over 2 your videos according to your individual needs with magic 3GP video converter in the formats of MP4, MPEG-4, 3 G.

Magic 3GP video converter allows you easy: Insert your videos in the program. In the next step you make the desired compression and the changes. The interface is structured so that you easily edit the files with magic 3GP video converter and can perform especially quickly. Before you begin the conversion however, you should notify you via your mobile phone. Not every device supports all formats. Also newcomers in the video editing professional software magic 3GP video converter allows you to achieve your desired result. To shrink your movies to the desired size and then you can transfer them to your mobile device. In addition offers the magic 3GP video converter the function automatically shutdown your computer after the conversion.

Download here on our download portal for free the magic 3GP video converter. Just click Download and just start to convert your videos to mobile-compatible formats.

Magic 3GP Video Converter offers you many advantages:

• Change the parameters of your files with the video converter.
• You may choose yourself the audio quality.
• Adjust the number of still pictures per unit of time using the software.
You can set • the size of your video file.
• Edit not only a video, but several at the same time.
• Offers powerful application with low system requirements.

What you should know about the magic 3GP Video Converter:

The Freeware Magic 3GP Video Converter 8 plus from the manufacturer MagicVideoSoftware was published in 2006. She designed for the conversion of large video files into small and practical formats for the mobile video experience. Magic 3GP Video Converter runs on the Microsoft Windows 98 operating systems. You don't need additional hardware components for the magic 3GP video converter. Only a transfer cable for your mobile device is required to transfer the files after editing there.

Description of the version: Magic 3GP Video Converter

The new version of magic 3GP video converter can come up with some very useful new features. Certainly it is particularly gratifying for you that this application free of charge from now on is provided by the provider. The program helps you conserve memory resources with the built-in batch conversion. In addition, you have the possibility to convert from any format to MP4 file type.

The most important innovations of the magic 3GP video converter

• substantially revised user interface
• integrated powerful batch conversion
• Can integrate all the video and audio encoder
• automatic shut down upon completion of the conversion
• lossless convert to MP4 format

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