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Madotate is a real 3D animation for open Windows and is so much fun.



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Download Madotate quickly, as the program is only 390 KB small. The effect is all the greater for it that Madotate brings the third dimension on your 2D screen. After the extraction of the packed data you start with Madotate double-clicking on the .exe file. You don't see an effect in the moment. If you want to but resize a window the next time, you'll see a new symbol next to the icon for the size of the window. This is Madotate. Now clicking this icon, the program is not in the taskbar is reduced, but it remains as a translucent window in 3D look on your screen.

Parallel, the program as an icon in the system tray is installed. From there you can access the settings of Madotate via a right click with the mouse. In the settings you can make the most important settings of Madotate. About the Windows rotation animation, you can set whether the movement of the window with Madotate be animated or just go into the background. In addition, you can adjust the degree of transparency of the window with Madotate reduced in three stages. Still you can unhide the name next to each window, so that you still can see in an extreme reduction which window it is. Another setting affects the size of the symbol, which is also shown in the Windows.

The most fun Madotate but at direct work with the Windows. You will probably not get enough to enlarge the window and to shrink again in 3D. Just try it and download the program right here with us about the download. With a WheelMouse, you can change the size of the window, and if you hold the right mouse button, you can change the position of the 3D window. E.G. Further forward or backwards tilt or vertical position and then turn left or right, to rejuvenate the window to the rear.

Features of Madotate:

• Desktop application
• Adds icon to open applications
• consumes no system resources
• no special graphics card required
• free freeware
• for Win98/98SE/2000/XP

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Madotate is a Japanese development, which has been translated into English. The original development is by Shinohara Takayuki, which offers the program in two versions. One works from Windows 95, the other from Windows 2000.

Description of the version: Madotate

With the new version of Madotate you have a powerful application, if your desktop should be equipped also in Windows XP with 3D effects, which are possible only in Windows Vista. The new version features an improved user interface and more options for an individual effect design. Also, bugs and errors of the previous versions have been removed and the new version of Madotate runs more stable and liquid.

The most important changes in version 2.0 of Madotate

• Predominantly errors and bugs of previous versions resolved
• More setting possibilities and options
• Improved and easier-to-use user interface
Thanks to the new program structure, • runs smoother and faster

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