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The Madagascar screensaver shows you the main characters from the film.



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Madagaskar Bildschirmschoner

The Madagascar screensaver shows all known characters from the movie. The lion Alex is here as well as the Hippo Gloria. On the Madagascar screensaver the Zebra Frolics is Marty and assessed hypochondriac giraffe Melman. Even if you haven't seen the film yet, the Madagascar screensaver with his varied motifs is a real eye-catcher.

Madagascar free screensavers are free to download freeware. In addition to the animated images you get also information about the film and the characters of involved with the Madagascar screensaver. The information on the Madagascar screensaver will of course in German language. So, the Madagascar screensaver brings information and fun for children and adults directly on your desk.

When you have finished the download for the Madagascar screensaver, you can choose in the settings for your desktop, which subject you want to use as a screensaver. In the styles of the Bremen town musicians, the four main actors of the DreamWorks film performing acrobatic exercises. When it should begin, you also specify in your preferences. You can change the motifs which the Madagascar screensaver provides you, of course from time to time. There guaranteed no more bored even during the breaks. The Madagascar screensaver requires not much storage space. The download size is just 1.7 megabytes.

Motifs and characters with the Madagascar screensaver

• Alex the lion
• Gloria the Hippo
• Marty, the Zebra
• Melman the giraffe
• Animated drawings
• Information about the film and all stakeholders

System requirements, download and Setup

The Madagascar screensaver is suitable for the operating systems Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP. The download size is 1.7 MB. After successful installation, you must set the screensaver in the desktop settings. Under the menu item screen saver you can set, after which period of inactivity of the screen saver should be invoked. In the menu, you can reach by clicking with the right mouse button on the screen. Now a selection opens and you select "Settings". In the top bar of the now opened window, go to "Screen saver". When you have finished your settings, clicking right below click "Apply" and your new screensaver is enabled.

Description of the version: Madagaskar Bildschirmschoner

The new screen saver shows the heroes from the Dreamsworks animated film Madagascar. The four friends from the New York Zoo bring fun on your screen along with the residents of the tropical island of Madagascar. Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman run whenever the PC into power saving mode will be forfeited along with the funny lemurs and their crazy King from one corner to the other. For some fun in the break must be!

Make a cartoon with your screen saver:

• shorten the wait breaks sympathetic animals, Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman
• Screen saver saves PC load and power
• are the stars of Madagascar back
• new stunts, new sounds, funny and original

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