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For fans of management simulations, mad TV is probably one of the best free games.



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Mad TV

Many will remember the little game of mad-TV in 1991. Now it appears again and can be downloaded here for free. You can run a complete television business as program director.

One of the classics among the simulations of the economy was and is mad-TV. Now you can free download the glorious game.

The older gamers like it nor know: mad TV. in 1991, it was one of the first economic simulation games on the PC. It was even good and humor just bribed with an incredible sense of humor, the typical mad TV. In the game it comes to you, to be hired as program director at a television station and to ensure good viewing figures and the smooth running of the program. You do this by purchasing a movies, series, advertising and news and build they sent in the broadcast schedule. If your scheduling was successful, you will see that whether the viewers who always appear you are enthusiastic about your program or not just. You can't do it according to the specifications, there's trouble with the boss. You're after, and after success, then it works also with the privacy, because you can get not only the operation and the ratings of the TV, but need to take even the heart of your loved one, Betty Botterbloom. All this takes place in real time and sit a real stress test. The graphics of the game and the sound are perhaps no longer on today's standard, but that just makes the atmosphere and the kindness of this economic simulation.

This version of mad TV is the original version, which was installed in 1991 under DOS, without adjustments. Under new operating systems, there might be problems at the start or at the end of the game.

Description of the version: Mad TV

Mad TV is no longer developed since 1991 and will not run on the one or the other system probably, because it was originally developed for Microsoft DOS. Many current systems don't support this. However, there are some utilities that can help you further on any conceivable system playing mad TV and other DOS based programs allow. It runs only once, you can get to know the origins of the Wirtsschaftssimulationen on the PC, because mad-TV is one of the front-runners.

Features and options in the game mad TV

• Determine the program as program director
• Keep track of how your airtime at the spectators arrive
• Capture the heart of your loved one
• Sabotage your rivals

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