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Luxor: Amun Rising is an exciting strategy game, which is available to his predecessors in nothing.



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Luxor: Amun Rising

Luxor: Amun Rising is a strategy game in the famous Luxor series. As a player, you're the Honorable task of protecting the ancient Egypt before attackers and to determine his fate. This one hundred percent usage and a rapid reaction capacity are needed, Luxor: Amun rising at the end is a triumph for you and the old Egypt. Play Luxor: Amun rising in 88 different labyrinths on the following principle: as a player you must add together the attacker in rows of same-colored balls with the help of a scarab spewing balls, so that they dissolve and release the way. Eliminated all the balls in a level, you get to the next level of Luxor: Amun Rising on. The game procedures sometimes place a blazing speed on the day, so perhaps not expect of a strategy game.

Luxor: Amun Rising is quite simply played with the mouse and is very easy to use. The rules are easy to understand; You can get started so immediately, if you have downloaded you the game. Luxor: Amun Rising boasts an appealing graphics and great sound effects, which increase the fun. Each level offers an other thematically appropriate optics. Luxor: on your computer to play Amun rising and becoming the Savior of Egypt you need only a Windows operating system (Win98/98SE/me/2000/XP) or a comparable Mac system and 22 MB of memory on your hard drive.

You can watch the trial version of Luxor: Amun Rising download right here free of charge. After clicking on the download button for a whole hour of you can play for free. And if you then get more pleasure: no problem, even the full version is available for download.

Benefits and features of Luxor: Amun rising at a glance

Luxor: Amun Rising is a great and exciting strategy game in the tradition of the famous Luxor game series
• Download the test version you for free and start playing immediately
• Await 88 levels of strategic challenges
Luxor: Amun Rising is available for Windows and Mac
• Save the old Egypt and become the hero
• Prove your strategic skills and quick reflexes

Luxor: Amun Rising: new edition of a classic

The Luxor game is still a term. The arcade game was exciting and nerve-racking hours before the computer already countless players. Since the success of the first part of several sequels have been published which are the real thing. Luxor: Amun Rising is fully in this tradition, prove what graphics and game procedures. Nevertheless, it is far more than a soulless remake: Luxor: Amun Rising provides challenging gameplay even (or especially) those who have played other games of the Luxor series.

Description of the version: Luxor: Amun Rising

With an impressive and great graphics, in this version of the game, involves many colored balls, mazes and Pharaohs. In the quick puzzle / strategy game you must think the colored balls of it to penetrate into the pyramid. 88 exciting and interesting mazes are friends in this version available. The acoustic sounds and music accompany these successful version and provide a pleasant entertainment.

Overview of the features in this strategy game

• 88 exciting and interesting mazes
• Impressive and great graphics
• Pleasant acoustic sounds and music
• Required operating system for this version: WinXP/Vista

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