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Ruck, no time own HDR images can be easily created using luminance HDR.



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Luminance HDR

You can create images high dynamic range quickly and easily with the software luminance HDR. Should you bring a little photographic talent, then you can create fascinating images by using this program.

The high dynamic range photography has become more and more popular. So, you're probably often images of illuminated office complexes, churches, or even whole landscapes that simply stand out from the crowd. You lay the Foundation for such images with your camera, when shooting the pictures, you have to adjust only the exposure times. With at least two images you can get already respectable results. This one must be underexposed and one be overexposed to the same value. The quality and the setting options afterwards in luminance HDR course gain more meaning if you have more images available. An exposure series from 6 same images with different exposure time should be ideal.

The Knipserei is complete, upload you pictures on the PC and dare you to your new masterpiece. After luminance HDR is started, you need create just click on HDR and already you can choose your bracketing. After these were imported by the program, you can still manually adjust the exposure. Now, you will want to correct even the alignment so that the pictures are all to the same value. Here is the selection of the desired Bearbeitungsprofiles. There, the first displayed profile can be selected mostly. The HDR was created and can be edited extensively with the various functions in the following window and adjusted.

Who wants to try out some new and on the current wave of trend in the field of photography with want to swim, not get around to luminance HDR.

Description of the version: Luminance HDR

Luminance HDR has been renamed recently and previously offered under the name of Qtpfsgui. With the name change luminance HDR has bought have also a complete overhaul. Luminance HDR is an amalgamation of several individual packages, many duplicate codes that were eradicated in laborious small work existed. The luminance vector engine has received an overhaul and a new system, with the work on images should go faster you by the hand. The code was overall tidier and transparent.

What's new in luminance HDR

• Double scraps of code have been removed
The code has been in overall tidier •
• Which was vector engine, enables work now faster
• Qtpfsgui was renamed luminance HDR

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