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The Lotto number generator does not guarantee winning. Maybe he brings you happiness.



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If you by a big Lottery win, or even to crack dream the jackpot, the lottery number generator is just the right program for you. Choosing the right numbers is easier with him. Not long thinking more before the lottery ticket. Click are your winning numbers on the screen.

Twice a week, millions people sitting eagerly in front of the TV and hope that their numbers in the Lotto draw are drawn. If you belong to this large group of lottery players, then you will be thrilled by the Lotto number generator. You have up to now not more brooding in the receiving Office for the lottery tickets are available. You have determined your luck numbers already comfortably at home on the computer. Your numbers will be displayed by a random generator.

To to be able to take advantage of that, you must first download the Lotto number generator on your computer. After the installation, you open the number generator and you're ready to go. First you have to decide how many random numbers should be displayed. You need of course six numbers for the Lotto game. So just link to the number 6 in the series. The Lotto number generator allows you to generate multiple tips. Then simply enter the desired number in the box. A further, important for you is, that you just "eliminating the so-called quota killer". To the Lotto number generator offers a number field, where you select the unwanted numbers. Rate killer are the numbers that are statistically, typed by very many people. To exclude these from the outset just makes sense, because eventually you want to not share the money in case of a profit with too many other lucky ones. Your tips, you can save or delete if you simply do not like. Of course you need this, if you go in the lottery receiving Office to fill out the tips. You must not copy the selected numbers, but can print them out easily.

What is important to you, of course, is that you can evaluate the data. This is easy, because you have the possibility to prepare the numbers through an export to Excel and to evaluate statistically. This is a very helpful feature, especially if you've had no luck in the draw. You then just take the drawn Lotto numbers and can analyze such as which number will be drawn how often.

Description of the version: Lottozahlengenerator

The Lotto number generator 4.1 is a simple generator which hopefully shows you the right numbers to win the jackpot. A hobby programmer had the idea for this generator. After downloading the freeware, you have various options. So you can eliminate right the so-called quota killer in this version that are statistically evaluate numbers, print, or export to Excel. You have to generate the possibility of different number of tips. But don't forget a lottery is ultimately matter of luck.

Interesting facts and system requirements for the Lotto number generator

• Simple number generator
• Displays different combinations
• Facilitates the filling of lottery tickets
• Statistical analysis and export in Excel are possible
• Operating system Windows 98
• Disk space requirements: 1.1 MB

Lottozahlengenerator lottozahlengenerator

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