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Look'n ' find is a classic game of false requests for the fast fun for in between.



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Look and Find

You are an integral part of the puzzle page in magazines and newspapers: Incorrect request games. Two or more images, mostly photographs, must be compared on differences, which are usually small and well hidden. If you like these games, you have to invest no longer in puzzles Magazine: look n' find is a bug request game, its shareware version you can download for free directly from this page.

Look'n ' find may seem somewhat old-fashioned at first glance: full-screen mode can not be adapted to widescreen screens and menu navigation a little reminiscent of the 1990s from. It does but not detract from the great, admittedly not more entirely new gameplay. After one which fortunately adjustable, music and sound output by look n' find something quieter has made the fun can begin: look'n ' find extends the classic game of false requests to two interesting components. To the one's for discovering the five errors contained in a pair of images a time of only sixty seconds available. On the other hand have the developers of Look'n ' find added a scoring the game, that allows you to enter your services in a highscore list and be able to compete.

You like about the optics of Look'n ' find think whatever you want: the used for the game, very well manipulated images have it anyway, and it is not so easy to detect all errors within the allotted time. Here, the developers of Look'n ' have find done all the work. Firing up Proverbs of the virtual game masters do the rest to each lot look'n ' find a portion of thrills to give. Not fully resolved level are revealed after sixty seconds, and the surprise effect is partially quite neat, if they discovered where exactly it has goofed.

The features of Look'n ' find-shareware:

• Eleven pairs of images in the shareware version
• High score list
• Speech
• Runs on all versions of Windows from Windows ME
• German
• Free shareware version

The full version

If you find look'n ' do, you can download the full version of the game. You get a download link for the look'n ' find full version for only 9,90 euro. The full game includes over 1,200 image errors (i.e. 240 pairs of pictures) also an editor. If you have an image editing software, you can the there retouched image pairs using the editor in look'n ' find implement or to be able send.

Description of the version: Look and Find

Look and find is an exciting game which includes many features. Find the differences between 2 pictures that are almost identical. In the full version contained over 12,000 images, which provide for long gaming fun. You can alone sit in front of the screen, or you can search for the errors with your friends. For each image, there is a matching music. For the editor you need any drawing program, and already, you can use your own images.

Look and find 1.0 offers numerous interesting features

• Offer a lot of pictures entertainment for many hours
• 1200 Differences there are to discover
• Create your own images with the editor

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