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Sit yourself on the control console of modern and old locomotives with LokSim3D.



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Who has no place, is the own model railway for at home to set up, can download a virtual alternative with LokSim3D and drive off known routes with plenty of locomotives.

As a child, many had with security to be the dream of an own model railroad or even train drivers at Deutsche Bahn. This dream can now meet friends. At least virtually, for it but completely free. The LokSim3D Simulator makes it possible.

With the small program, you can now enter and will guide of your own locomotive. The programmers have placed great importance on reality. The routes you can drive off in LokSim3D, have been built to consistently close to reality, with gradients and gradient. Stations that will go on in the course of your route, are modeled on the originals and are these in nothing. Even large turnout systems exist that will require from your maneuvering skills. Even a weather system was installed by the programmers, so you can drive during the day and also at night or fog. The rides are not boring, there is all sorts of high-fidelity signal systems that require your attention, and want to know before you collides with another RAID or missed even a station. You should have experience in controlling a train, the advanced features will delight you. So, the cabs were faithfully modeled after and taken over virtually every function from the original 1-to-1. An experienced train driver can control even the various braking systems with the hand.

Who has ever dreamt to control an own locomotive, is at LokSim3D, and will spend so many hours before the PC.

Description of the version: LokSim3D

There are many changes that improve you LokSim3D in the current version. The most change is that the cabs now with DirectX are represented, and thus significantly gained on quality. So you're always up to date, LokSim3D friends now displays whether new updates are available or not. For professional engineer a special display of zushi, Kanagawa brand can be connected now, allowing the control without a keyboard and realistic switches and controls.

Innovations and improvements in LokSim3D

• Connection of the control system of the brand of zushi, Kanagawa
• Cabs are now represented by DirectX and win on quality
• The program shows updates now available directly

LokSim3D loksim3d

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