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A software for cutting videos and create HD videos.



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With LoiLoScope, videos are edited and cut.

The program perfectly copes with HD material. All recordings can be easily edited. The program is highly innovative, the operation for everyone quickly comprehensible.

Inexperienced users can achieve fast good results with LoiLoScope. Videos can be cut and created without their knowledge.

A simple tutorial helps quickly understand the handling of the program. Unfortunately, there is version that can be tested for 30 days the program only to a demo. Anyway, enough time to convince himself ultimately by the program.

The program is controlled by really intuitive. All videos can be unlimited upload on YouTube. All videos can be viewed on the iPad and PlayStation. The program is fast and converted all videos in a few seconds.

Description of the version: LoiLoScope

The version is 30 days free to use. Created videos with LoiLoScope get a watermark. The full version costs $100.

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