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The free payroll tax program enables the electronic tax declaration to the PC.



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Many people uncomfortable feeling towards the tax office, to submit the tax return. With the appropriate payroll tax program, this way is now superfluous. You can submit any observations and send directly from your computer to the tax authorities. The payroll tax program can perform the messages for the revenues and trade tax if that should be eligible for you. The payroll tax program used the official forms. You can enlist step by step with this payroll tax program. If you already have sufficient experience with regard to filling out a tax return, you can fill out the forms with direct entries. Of course, you need a scanner to add the tax deduction card, receipts and legally indispensable documents. Other documents are not necessary if the electronic tax declaration.

The payroll tax program to check all your information on plausibility. Should not match data or information is missing, the payroll tax program prompts you to appropriate corrections or addenda. Thus, you can be sure that your tax return is created with this payroll tax program is factually correctly filled. All data is encrypted at the online delivery of course and sent digitally through the Internet via a secure connection.

The payroll tax program with the forms for electronic tax declaration is available free to download on the Internet as freeware. You can now simply click on the download button and start filling out tax returns already in just a few minutes. The current version supports now Windows 7, so this payroll tax program on almost all Windows operating systems can be applied.

The free income tax software and its features

• Fill in the tax return on the PC
• Encrypted delivery via secure Internet connection
• Fewer documents necessary
• Advance tax return for the year
• Plausibility check
• Step by step instructions or direct input

System requirements and application

The payroll tax program for electronic tax declaration is applicable with the Windows operating systems, Windows 98, Windows 2000 and 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The free software download size 52.2 megabytes. The wage control program currently supports the income and turnover tax return for the year 2009 as well as the advance tax return 2010 and the wage tax return 2010 forms for the 2009 business tax and the wage tax certificate 2010 not are currently still available, but are in planning.

Description of the version: Lohnsteuerprogramm

The wage control program helps you to calculate your payroll tax. To do this, you will need to enter your gross earnings, your tax bracket and any allowances and get the result within a few seconds. Thereby, the program displays not only the amount of your income tax on both the solidarity surcharge, the social contributions and the church tax if you have to pay for them. In comparison with your payroll, you see so at a glance, whether you can expect a refund in the refunded.

The payroll tax program offers these features:

• Calculation based on the current tax table
• Consideration of tax allowances
• Collection of social contributions, solidarity tax and church tax
• Specifying the average tax and marginal tax rates

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