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  • Windows 1.7

With LogonStudio Vista 1.0, you can make your input page of Windows Vista, personally.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


The matching background images for redesigning your login window provides you LogonStudio Vista 1.0 with. You can choose many different motives from the manufacturer's website and download, if you have installed this program on your computer. Of course, LogonStudio Vista 1.0 allows the selection from your own design of your personal photo collection. Once you have decided for an image, click on the button "Apply". On the next reboot of the system, the input image you selected is already installed and thus replaced the standard green blue-colored screen background.

With LogonStudio Vista 1.0 is so for you very easy and quickly possible to miss an individual outfit for your desktop. The user interface of LogonStudio Vista 1.0 is easy to understand and the choice of motifs of the manufacturer of LogonStudio Vista 1.0 offers many creative possibilities. Every other Vista users will be surprised, if he sees your home page that you've designed with LogonStudio Vista 1.0, the first time. It is gratifying that there is Vista 1.0 LogonStudio absolutely free of charge. Also the downloads of additional images from the manufacturer's website are free.

If you now want to try Vista 1.0 LogonStudio, you just click on the download button. Through the installation process, you will be redirected and will have to follow only the instructions, bringing the setup of LogonStudio Vista 1.0 on your screen. Then you can immediately start to redesign your home for Windows Vista. LogonStudio Vista 1.0 is self explanatory, a detailed guide is so unnecessary. You need to know only a few English words to identify the uses of individual buttons at first glance.

Features and download LogonStudio Vista 1.0

• Many different motifs on the manufacturer's website
• Own motifs can be uploaded
• Easy integration with just one click
• Free download of the program
• Free choice of motifs
• Easy application, user-friendly interface

System requirements and design options

LogonStudio Vista 1.0 requires that the Windows Vista operating system is already installed on your computer. After downloading, which is free of charge, you can make your start window for Windows Vista personally with this program. While many designs available, which you can use free of charge are the manufacturer's website.

Description of the version: LogonStudio

If you no longer want on same boring Windows Loginscreens, then you can make your own wallpapers Vista 1.7 with LogonStudio according to your wishes! The freeware also allows you to download self designed screens and motives on the Internet and to incorporate designs by other Internet users. The new version of LogonStudio works on Vista, Windows XP, and also on the new Windows 7.

The most important innovations of LogonStudio in version 1.0:

• Processing of Loginscreens of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
• To find many images on the Internet
• Part the own designs with other users
• New, improved user interface with more tools

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