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With logon screen, you can make the Anmeldebidlschirm in Windows 7 over and over again.

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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

Logon Screen

Bring new life to your login screen with the free software login screen. Activate the tool to insert photos or graphics. You can easily adjust the images. All key formats are supported. Suitable for the operating system Windows 7.

You can realize what is already customary for the background of a computer in operation, with logon screen for your logon screen in Windows 7. Create new with a photo or a graphic of your choice individually and again this. Once you've installed logon screen, you can go immediately. The application is very easy. Start the software and go to "Open". Select your favorite picture with friends from your photo albums or decide on a cool graphics. With a click on "Apply", your selected image appears even at the next logon. You can make your user login background in this way over and over again. Whether with images of your comic book heroes, music stars or your favorite actor, with logon screen you must never have the same background image like everyone else. You can set the same also for the the login screen. So you can see a photo of your friends or other image at each down of your computer once again.

To add a lock or further customize the screen, you go to the "Advanced appearance settings" menu and choose from the available options. The lock can be lifted again using the key combination "CTRL + ALT + DEL". The software login screen supports the formats BMP, GIF, JPE, JPG, JPEG, JPEG, PNG, TIF and TIFF.

For the successful installation one more tip: the Setup asks you whether you want to install the 'Snagit' tool. Simply disable the installation using a tick in "Unable to install".

Description of the version: Logon Screen

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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