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  • Windows 3.5

LoginControl stores and maps all your passwords and log-in data ensuring security.



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Finally the password jungle by LoginControl overview. The freeware program saves all your passwords and log-in data for the various Web sites and portals, so you can be always safe on the Internet on the go. By the freeware program you will never lose track of your all access data. Security is very important on the Internet and therefore you should watch always good on your passwords, use different passwords and update it regularly. Good passwords contain a wild combination of numbers, lines, small and large letters. Remember now that with LoginControl. Just after installing LoginControl passwords and your log-in name enter into clear lists and save. The program is protected with a password that only you know. So, you need to remember only a single password: for LoginControl.

If you have installed LoginControl with just a few clicks, enter your data into the fields and organize your accounts to groups. You can group for email passwords and store log-in the in LoginControl free map, collect and store. You can you name each category, that you have sorted everything beautiful and passwords at a glance can be displayed.

Click here for the free download of LoginControl. After downloading, you can directly start the installation and already LoginControl helps you as a mnemonic device.

The advantages of LoginControl:

• Stores all your passwords and login information.
• Maps your login data by category.
• Has a key password that only you know.
• Bring overview into the password mess.
• Ensures safety on the Internet.
• Available free for download available.

Password protection means safety on the Internet

To simply chosen passwords have brought so many Internet users in trouble. Scammers try to first of all the nearby letter combinations of name and date of birth. If the password is selected too easy, because so many different passwords at once to remember, it can be guessed quickly by fraudsters and they abuse your data, plunder your account or place an order on your behalf. LoginControl brings back your safety you, because you so choose from totally wild, incoherent combination of characters as a password and yet never forgets them. There are no mnemonics more necessary when LoginControl is used. You need to remember for a really good only the password for LoginControl.

Description of the version: LoginControl

The current version of LoginControl has a completely new user interface that makes working with the system easier for you. Also messages and dialogs appear now much more effectively you than in previous versions. Also, there is a new menu structure that simplifies the operation's friends. And you can now also save profiles, without having the password must be entered with.

Current features of LoginControl in version 3.5

• New user interface with improved menu structure
• More effective notifications
• Storage of profiles without password possible
• Group can be sorted alphabetically
• Optimized code for more speed

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