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With LockHunter, you can still edit a file that is blocked by other processes.



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In extended operation of a Windows computer, it can often happen that a file that you would like to delete, is blocked by the system. You can easily remove these files with LockHunter.

Who is longer running a Windows machine, is experiencing some minor issues when deleting individual files. Often it happens that you want to delete a file or rename, these but is blocked by the system. This may be because that you need the file in a program. Sometimes it is blocked but also by a process which you have long since finished.

With LockHunter go now the cause of the blockage to the bottom. The program shows you what processes prevent the deletion of the file, and can exit directly on request. LockHunter can delete also the processes and with the files that are responsible for the blockade. So you accidentally destroying now no important system files, LockHunter pushes all to delete files once in the trash. Then, you can decide alone whether the files or not really be deleted. Because it sometimes happens that the blockade was triggered by an important system process.

To avoid such misunderstandings, you can ask LockHunter simply investigating the cause of the blockade without a command of change in. You can find the freeware with a simple right click. The corresponding functions are integrated with the installation in the context menu. Here you can learn so at any time, if a rename or a deletion attempt did not work, the cause of the blockage with a mouse click. Then you can decide whether the cause of the blockade is simply bypassed or whether to terminate the responsible processes.

Description of the version: LockHunter

LockHunter 1.0 Beta 3 now is in the version. The authors of Crystal Rich are continuously working on new improvements for the new program. Now it can list very reliable processes, which are responsible for blocking a file. You can then decide whether these processes are easily evaded or terminated, so that you can delete the file, rename or move. The only 1.1 MB large freeware is available for all versions of Windows from win 2000.

The main features of the Beta 3 version

• Identify processes that keep a file
• Bypass these processes to delete, rename or move the file
• Termination of processes and thus the blockade

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