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Living 3D dolphins screensaver brings you playing dolphins directly on your PC.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Living 3D Dolphins Screensaver

Living 3D dolphins screensaver is adware free download on various platforms on the Internet available. With the living 3D dolphins screensaver, you can get you a happy Dolphin family directly on your screen. A little Caribbean underwater atmosphere provides you the living 3D dolphins screensaver-equal with it. Screen saver, there are almost innumerable variations and with many different motives. Living 3D dolphins screensaver gives you a very realistic graphics and lets you totally forget the stress for a few moments.

Living 3D dolphins screensaver is not only something for Dolphin fans. A little this screen saver is reminiscent of a well-known TV series. Living 3D dolphins screensaver brings so even something like nostalgia on the PC. The download is quick and uncomplicated. This screen saver file integrates easily into the Group of the existing screen saver on Windows. When the living 3D dolphins screensaver goes off after a time defined by you, you can lean back and watch the cheerful sea mammals at the game in front of colorful coral reefs.

Your colleagues and friends will envy you. Living 3D dolphins screensaver is almost something like a small piece of living art. You need just over 12 megabytes of free space of disk to install the living 3D dolphins screensaver. Today almost every standard-equipped PC meets the system requirements you need for the living 3D dolphins screensaver.

Download, installation, and motives of the living 3D dolphins screensaver

• Free adware
• Automatic insertion in the list of available Windows screen saver
• Windows operating systems 98, 2000, XP and Vista
• A dolphin family
• Great underwater landscape
• Playing dolphins before colorful coral reefs

System requirements and Setup

Living 3D dolphins screensaver runs on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. The program is marked as adware can be downloaded free of charge. The download size 12.09 MB. When downloading the screensaver is automatically in the Windows screen saver. With the click of the right mouse button on the screen, a menu opens. You choose the menu item "Settings" and then in the window bar menu "Screen saver". Using a drop down menus, you can now choose the screensaver with the Dolphin family. You enter the amount of time after which the screen saver to turn, and right click on the button "Apply". ´

Description of the version: Living 3D Dolphins Screensaver

With the living 3D dolphins screensaver you can dream a true underwater friends and across your screen reading the beautiful animals. Due to the three-dimensional representation of the screen saver looks very real, and the animals can move elegantly. The better resolution of the graphics allows an even closer and more natural-looking motion of dolphins. The download manager guides you through the installation.

The new living 3D dolphins screensaver:

• conjures up a magical underwater world on your screen
• Are operating systems: Win98 / 98SE / 2000 / XP / Vista
• shows the realistic representation of a dolphin family in the idyllic coral reef

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