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Live for speed S2 is the most realistic simulator for racing on the market.



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Live for Speed

If you don't feel like games, that masquerade as racing games, are in truth but only to the servers there, then it is for speed S2 you time for live. Live for speed S2 is a true simulation of the action on the track and not just a game. There is no driver AIDS and no arcade mode in live for speed S2: everything is just like in the real life of the race also. You can manipulate all the settings in the setup of the car just as the real race engineers also there. You can manipulate dampers and springs, the amount of gasoline, the maximum steering deflection and the braking force. Live for speed S2 is simulated, of course also the settings of the transmission, the types of tyre and chassis.

In live for speed S2 are can contain 20 racing cars from various performance classes, which drove you on routes 7, areas with 30 configurations. You can drive on road courses as well as on RallyCross tracks, ovals and other routes.

Live for speed S2 offers an extensive multiplayer mode. The community of live for speed S2 is huge. Races are held around the clock, in which you can participate. Voice off, when to start a new race, or whether an unfair rider to be banned from the server. Chat with other riders, take part in the qualifying round and fight for one of the front slots.

Other features of live for speed S2:

• Skidpad race track
• Rally cars
• Autocross with private construction of pylons
• free camera views
• extensive chat function
• Dragstrip track

The development of live for speed S2

The special live for speed S2 is that it is developed differently than similar games. Live for speed S2 is programmed by just three developers, who formerly worked in the racing scene, such as engineers. They work without a Publisher and rely for the marketing of live for speed S2 solely on word of mouth and the good reviews of their customers on the Internet. In this game, no money for expensive advertising is so issued. Anything that you pay for the license, go right back into the development of the game. You can at any time contact the manufacturers and exchanging ideas and suggestions about the Forum on the website. The race simulation was published for the first time in 2003 and has since undergone a series of updates.

Description of the version: Live for Speed

You can race now accelerating car in live for speed S2! Many of the new features make extremely realistic racing simulation. The perfected steering, spectacular crashes and realistic car damage provide much adrenaline. In addition, you can choose between numerous fast cars in the new and don't have to as before with mostly average models do. Just download the demo-version of the game down and convince yourself of the impressive simulation!

The advantages of the new version of live for speed S2

•More and better quality.
• Nor realistic simulation.
• Steering like in real car racing.
• Realistic crashes and car damage.
• Quick selection between numerous cars.

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