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LitePool is an entertaining 2D billiard simulation for snooker and 8 - and 9-ball billiards.



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LitePool 1.73

LitePool is a 2D pool simulation with which you exercise different pool variants can both play online against opponents all over the world. For participation in the online games and tournaments with LitePool, you have to register once and can then access the game servers. LitePool gives you the ability to play both the pool billiards and snooker variants 8 - and 9-ball. Look is always from the top on the playing field, so that you always have an accurate summary of the distribution of the balls and the location of the white ball with LitePool.

Possibly, you must turn off the OpenGL graphics mode for a liquid motion picture of the moving balls at LitePool and go back to the simple mode. This has no impact on the quality of the presentation, but only provides better images of the movement. The game requires no installation, by the way, but can file directly from the .exe are called up and played. For the look of the table covering do you have 2 options, otherwise keep the design options in borders, allow configurations but this direct entry onto the LitePool without major delays.

After the selection of the chosen version of the game the game field in LitePool builds very quickly, and you can start directly. The control takes place via the mouse, the thrust of the queues is displayed by a line. You choose the strength of the push by the left mouse button. The longer you hold it, the shock becomes stronger. To determine the point where you hit the cue ball with the queue and thus can exert a spin, in a small window right below the playing field. After your shock you get the ball on the lower side of the game, you've played most recently. Your recessed balls are displayed at LitePool on the left side of the game in the correct sequence. You can see again already played games and online gaming you can exchange messages with your opponents over a message system. But just try LitePool and friends about the download function here on our site directly download it.

Features of LitePool:

• Billiards simulation
• Train offline
Play • online against opponents all over the world
• 8 - or 9-Ball pool and snooker
• Freeware
• For Windows XP

Background information on LitePool

Unfortunately, further information is available to play LitePool nor to the provider.

Description of the version: LitePool 1.73

With the software LitePool you can compete against other billiards players worldwide. This billiard simulation, not just 8-ball pool, but now also snooker will be played. The pool table appears in friends from bird's eye view. In practice mode, you can prepare yourself well on your opponents and hone your skills. If you then participate in tournaments, a statistic is created automatically. With many prizes, you can increase your score.

Features of billiard simulation LitePool

• Choice of 8-ball pool- or Snooker game
• Practice mode to improve the skills
• Automatic creation of statistics about the completed tournaments
• Virtual pool table from the bird's eye view

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