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The Linotype FontExplorer can manage better and easier to read your additional fonts.



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Linotype FontExplorer

If you like to many different fonts to design your texts, this can reduce the speed of the computer. With the Linotype FontExplorer, you can facilitate the management and speed up the computer.

The system fonts not enough many people who place value on an aesthetic design of their texts, in their Office programs. If you belong to those who try out new FontStyles and use, the Linotype FontExplorer is the right choice for you.

You may have noticed it already, that a variety of new fonts may decrease the speed of the Office program. This is because that all fonts are normally installed, be enabled always with the program. The computer must have all the fonts you have installed, so, although you need just one or two. With the Linotype FontExplorer, you can move the new fonts in a separate folder where they are stored inactive. Only when you really choose the font, she will also be enabled. Your Office program again receives the initial velocity, without that you wouldn't have to give up one of the fonts.

The system font was unaffected by the program, and if you later don't want to uninstall Linotype FontExplorer, the fonts are automatically retracted in the original font folder. You so not risk loosing your collected fonts if you want to test the program. Another advantage is the store where you can find new fonts and download. The program's interface reminds iTunes and is also similarly easy to use. The fonts are sorted in much clearer and can therefore better reflected, when you need it.

Description of the version: Linotype FontExplorer

The Linotype FontExplorer version 0.9.1 offers you access to a store with many new and interesting fonts. The store regularly will be equipped with new fonts, so offers new interesting styles for the collector. The program is provided free of charge from the manufacturer of Linotype. One is not obliged to purchase of one of the interesting fonts of the store. The management of individual fonts is so much easier. In addition, it protects the maximum power of the machine.

The key features of version 0.9.1

• Clear sorting of fonts
• Visibility of fonts even if they are inactive
• Increase the speed of the respective Textverarbeitungsprogrammes
• Access to an extensive store with different fonts to download

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