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LingoPad is a dictionary software that enables offline access to different languages.



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Earlier, dictionaries on the bookshelves took plenty of space. Today they occupy only a little space on the computer. Lingo4you staff advanced dictionary, short LingoPad is as a space-saving dictionary software, which gives you access to comprehensive multilingual word databases.

The English German database of LingoPad includes approximately 230,000 keywords and as 670,000 references. In this database you can search for whole words, phrases, word beginning, end or also components of Word. For this purpose, you need no Internet connection, because the freeware download saves the entire vocabulary. Of course, you can expand your dictionary from time to time via an online update. Plus, you can download other languages, including French, Turkish, and Spanish from the network and create your own dictionaries.

And LingoPad can do more than that. While typing the search term LingoPad matches the typed letters to the entire database and shows you the matching words. So you can search for the right term even faster. The last words you can show friends and search by using a shortcut menu at Wikipedia or on other Internet sites for the respective term. Languages that read from right to left, such as Arabic, are also supported further development of LingoPad.

If you want to know not only word meanings, but also the debate want to learn, LingoPad will help you with the phonetic spelling of many English terms and the readings of Chinese and Japanese words. Ease of use also provides the user interface of the software, which can be set either in German or English. And so you can take your dictionary, LingoPad can also be installed on a USB stick. The free download takes only a few minutes.

Description of the version: LingoPad

The LingoPad 2.6 version can have some changes. One made adjustments to Windows Vista for a faster loading. The dictionaries are loaded as a ZIP file, which reduces the download time. On the other hand, can be changed now the order of the individual dictionaries, as well as the font size. In addition, you can select the dictionaries with a custom defined Short Cut in the current version. Over the Internet, you also have access to language extensions.

Improvements and new features of LingoPad

• Adjustments to Vista
• Download as ZIP-file
• Change the font size
• Individual order of dictionaries
• Short cuts to the dictionaries
• Language extension through online access

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