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LinCity-NG is a strategy game that makes you the urban planners and city managers.



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LinCity-NG is a city Builder and demands to create players, industrial areas and residential areas, to ensure a good traffic and perfect to organise waste collection. Also power connections should not be missing in LinCity-NG.

The game LinCity-NG makes you the city planner. You extend your city by adding buildings, build infrastructure and provide services. LinCity NG, you have to keep a lot of factors in mind. An important role plays the population and their supply of food, as well as with education and other social goods. While you can't lose the finances not from the look and have to ecologically protect the environment, but nevertheless comprehensive plan enough transport and energy supply. Statistics and mini cards help you keep track.

The real time strategy game LinCity-NG to play as a single player and control it with mouse and keyboard. Introduced will you, if necessary, the help function. So, you can set the town such as in various areas such as wetlands or on the edge of waters. That you provide infrastructure and the like, the inhabitants pay taxes. You can insert again them, to implement other plans. The market is very important for the city, there everything you need the population, such as water, food and jobs. Won you the game when you have built a sustainable, environmentally-friendly economy or evacuated the entire population via spaceship. The unnatural death types, for example by pollution or hunger may create you problems.

You can play the game under Windows as well as Linux. If you want the latter, you can get manuals on the homepage of the game manufacturer. It can be played in an endless version as well as in five different scenarios.

Description of the version: LinCity-NG

LinCity-NG is located in the vicinity of SimCity and LinCity. It is a business simulation for single player of the LinCity developers group (BerliOS). The aim is sustainable development or technical progress. It is an open-source game that can run under Linux, Windows (XP and Vista) and Mac OS. It is 40 MB in size and available in the languages German and English. For Linux and Mac OS, you can download the game directly from the manufacturer's website. The program you can on German immediately start and operate in full-screen or windowed mode.

That offers the game LinCity-NG version 2.0

• Economic simulation for single player
• Playable on Windows, Mac OS or Linux
• In German or English available
• Freeware
• 40 MB free memory
• City-building simulation SimCity style

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