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Light alloy is a practical player, which offers many features and resource-conserving works.



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Light Alloy

There are many media players, the various advantages and disadvantages. A drawback of which is factory default player often the resource-consuming program structure light alloy offers a smart alternative.

Bothers you default media player he, if he takes too long to boot up, or to read the full track list, or time is striking back because he does not recognize any format? It doesn't have to be. In the Internet there countless alternative player, even free of charge to the download ready load m. The smart player light alloy offers many setting possibilities and functions that you'd miss in many such free player. In addition, you can set the audio track in light alloy and subtitle display, if you want to watch a movie in a foreign language. External codecs are fairly easy to install if needed, remains the player always up to date and do not fail on exotic file formats. From the outset the formats DVD, MP4, OGM and MKV and many more are supported, and no feature is integrated under the table.

You can set the volume level for all players, but in light alloy, even adjusting the playback-speed is possible. In addition, you can integrate video and audio filters and create your own play lists, if you often want to access your favorite tracks. If you want to always like to listen to a specific point in a movie or a song, and you can watch, then just put a bookmark! Many options and features make light alloy to a useful tool which eliminates the use of the standard player. As well you can play corrupted videos with light alloy, integrate your own skins, and choose image format as well as the zoom.

Description of the version: Light Alloy

The media player light alloy offers many new features and capabilities you in the latest version 4.5.4 to play songs and videos. In this version, some codecs have been added by default so that you can play now also the latest formats. Also runs the current light alloy on Windows 7. The program structure has been optimized so that the player still resource-friendly than its predecessor. The crash likely could be reduced by removing various programming errors.

The most important innovations of light alloy in the version 4.5.4

• Errors and bugs of the previous versions have been largely removed
• Runs on Windows 7
• More features and new codecs
• More options and improved program structure

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