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The licking dog screen clean 1.0 is an animal change from the stressful everyday.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Licking Dog Screen Clean

The new licking dog screen clean 1.0 is a screen saver in a beautiful 3D graphics. Whenever you need a break from your work, then comes the small cute pug and cleans your screen. Who is not fascinated by the cute dogs? With the new licking dog screen clean 1.0 you catch your own favorite on your computer. The licking dog screen clean with a really simple idea, 1.0 brings much pleasure during your breaks. Fun way, this screen saver has lot of wit. Or can you resist a so sweet snout?

Large black eyes and a blood-red tongue make you laugh. If clean, 1.0 is enabled the licking dog screen, comes the funny little four-legged friend with his tongue and licks your display bltz blank. No one can resist the magical beings. The funny Pug provides fun and joy in creative break from your everyday stress. The licking dog screen clean 1.0 is a free program. Anyone who has searched an animal and funny change of pace from everyday office that for the small dog is the right choice with his nimble tongue. A must for every animal lover. Artists friends with the new licking dog screen clean 1.0 your first virtual dog on. You must not walk with him or play with it for hours. Suffice it regularly to lick your screen spick and span.

The new licking dog screen clean 1.0 impresses with its authenticity faithful graphics. You feel as a real dog to your screen would take care of itself. The movements are fluid and model uphold the lookalike. The licking dog screen clean 1.0 is fabulous for every animal lover and people with humor. The screen saver will bring much relaxation on the monitor. Why is not even relax, lean back and enjoy the funny animation. This 3D-Hunde-Bildschirmschoner makes you the star in the Office.

Licking dog screen clean 1.0 soon:

• low requirements for your PC
3D graphics • enchanting
• a sweet pug with a great sense of cleanliness
• have fun during the breaks
• funny screensaver
• free download

System requirements for the new licking dog screen clean 1.0

You need for your new licking dog screen clean 1.0 the operating system Microsoft Windows XP or later. Otherwise, 1.0 represents no special demands on your computer the licking dog screen clean. The screen saver has a size of 2.2 MB.

Description of the version: Licking Dog Screen Clean

Clean a funny screensaver where a small Pug licking completely clean your screen is the licking dog screen. He will be installed as a normal screen saver and can be adjusted accordingly. Once the screen saver is activated, a Pug is starting to lick your screen with its red tongue clean and is a definite highlight for dog lovers and children, and for everyone else in any case a great fun!

Advantages of the licking dog screen clean 1.0

The screen is licked clean by a small Pug •.
• Funny change your screen - or breaks
• Fun for children
• Very easy to install

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