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A program for the development of complex 2D drawings.



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Complex 2D design drawings to be with the program LibreCAD.

You can find many areas of application for this program. Who wants to create some neat drawings and 3D can renouncing visualizations, is very well served by the program. LibreCAD is very good for outlining upcoming events, such as parades, renovations in the House or various plans. Certainly, you have the support of LibreCAD.

Numerous options help perfectly to be able to represent all 2D-Umrisse skillfully. Some presets allow to access common forms. So there are straight lines, arcs, ellipses, graph of function or a few simple points that you may return to the area. It outlines can be quickly and easily colorize and the thickness of the border / lines are fixed adjusted. Other functions allow the mirror, scale, or rotate by drawings.

Description of the version: LibreCAD

A German language support is available in the version.

LibreCAD librecad

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