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LesefixPRO 8.0 will read texts in many popular formats in up to 11 languages.



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Your PC Gets a vote, LesefixPRO 8.0 makes it possible. With the new version of the software you may have to read any text to you. This LesefixPRO 8.0 can read even written texts you in Word, if MS Word should not be installed on your PC. And that goes even for the new format MS Word 7. But also all other texts can be imported from friends through a simple drag and drop in LesefixPRO 8.0 to read, whether it is PDF, RTF and HTML, EML, TXT format.

LesefixPRO 8.0 is persistent as any Grandma and every babysitter and also very long to read texts without fatigue. This is the advantage of a computer. And since the system requirements are very low, almost as old computer with LesefixPRO 8.0 can work so much read to you, how you want to hear. Of course, it's not only with exciting stories, but also with everything you may need to learn for the school. If so soon again stands on a dictation in English lessons, then let you the text just by LesefixPRO 8.0 dictate. You can train the general understanding of the language so that each text can be converted by LesefixPRO 8.0 in an audio file. These you can on your MP3 player or your notebook then download and use it as an audiobook. And if you've written texts themselves, then let them just read to you by LesefixPRO 8.0. So you quickly find spelling mistakes and strange-sounding formulations and can improve it.

And also your parents can easily use LesefixPRO 8.0, not only at home but also in the profession. Any text in the appropriate format can be heard so, and much can be easier to understand and even improve, if it is read. And tirelessly recited the whole texts by Peedy, a green fun bird. He speaks at least three languages and can speak 11 languages by an update to a different version.

Features of LesefixPRO 8.0:

• free shareware for 3 languages
• for Windows 7 / 2000 / XP / Vista available
• supports MS Word 2007
• Reading PDF documents
• allows for the reading of texts in 11 languages
• male or female Vorleser/in

Information about LesefixPRO 8.0:

The new version 8.0 of LesefixPRO includes various improvements and extensions of the well-known reading program. In addition to new formats, particularly more languages have been added, allowing you full version now in 11 languages read texts in the LesefixPRO 8.0 you may have.

Description of the version: LesefixPRO

The current version of LesefixPRO offers some very useful and helpful new features. You have now for example also the possibility to adjust the voice or save the text as an audio file. Of course, you can set an automatic start function and animate even a virtual spokesperson. A great support for you, but, is that all text files in Word format can be opened and saved, without installed MS Word.

The most important innovations of the current software by LesefixPRO

• Voice of the reading tone is adjustable
• can be opened almost all text formats
• simplified user interface with higher comfort
• integrated text processing to PDF files possible

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