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Lemming Ball Z offers many interesting features, variety, and lots of fun.



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Lemming Ball Z

The lemmings were quiet representatives previously, but now the Dragon Ball Z warriors have taken over the aggressiveness they. Lemming Ball Z equipped the sweet cliff diver with oversized weapons. For you, it is now to eliminate these enemies. To make this, you have to run many different movements. Also you should not stop to attack your opponents. Really fun lemming Ball Z but only two. Much brutality lemming Ball Z is not present in the game, but nevertheless you can let it RIP here properly. In the game lemming Ball Z you attack your enemy with energy balls and have to shoot him from the playing field. With just a few clicks, you're in the middle of the battle.

Together in the network or the PC you're in Lemming Ball Z on various maps to the fight. You can play in multiplayer over LAN or Internet. Many different game worlds are in four game modes available. Especially here the cuddly fighter can enjoy really. The graphics of the game, lemming Ball Z is not yet mature, but it will make you a lot of fun. Especially, if you've got the hang of it, come as the individual moves. Here you will find lots of action and pure shooting fun.

You can move your opponent with your hands, spectacular movements or special attacks to tackle. Since very soon Z lemming ball to the point, your reflexes and reactions should be very good. With a total of four players, you can playing lemming Ball Z. So you can try each other you, who's the better. Before you can send your opponent but on the boards, you need to place your attacks very well. Lemming Ball Z the player characters are always very quickly on the move. You can only win the fight if you take away the energy your opponents first. Lemming Ball Z primarily speed and skill is needed. So, shoot the energy balls at your enemies and show them who's in charge at lemming Ball Z. Are you fast enough and can force your opponents to their knees?

Improvements at a glance

• Throw stones and fend off enemy attacks
• Keyboard layout is freely selectable
• Play via the Internet or network
• Up to four players can play
• Playable locally (two human and rest of AI players)
• Includes level editor

What operating system do you need?

Lemming Ball Z on your computer to play, you need Windows Vista/XP/7/ME/98 or 2000. The game is part of the action games and requires a space of 6.069 KB.

Description of the version: Lemming Ball Z

In the current version of lemming Ball Z you can be true fighters from the cute rodent! Bring new characters with special abilities on the battlefield and fight till the victory. Alone against the PC or two against each other: with the new physics and the Ragdoll effect, there's even more action, if your taken lemmings through the air to fly. On in the fight!

Lemming Ball Z features 8460 following in the version

• Revised engine for better performance
• Significantly improved game physics
• The Ragdoll system ensures more realistic movements
• More characters and special features
• Stones can be now lifted up and thrown
• Automatic checking for updates

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