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LEGO Digital Designer version 3.1 allows you to design your own models.



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LEGO Digital Designer

The LEGO Digital Designer version 3.1 is what you're dreaming when one searches a LEGO brick for minutes after, which would make the model completely. Or if one has devised an ingenious crawler - but lacks the eighth wheel, and you must have the imagination into the barriers. It could never happen at the LEGO Digital Designer version 3.1. Here you have an unlimited number of LEGO bricks available and choose from the complete range of modules, which have left each a LEGO Factory, and use digital designer version 3.1 on LEGO as a component for your model.

Also growing is easier Digital Designer version 3.1 in a way in LEGO, of which you could only dream when the "real" bricks. You can save construction items you use repeatedly in LEGO Digital Designer version 3.1, as "Templates". So you need to assemble not stone by stone all individually (you can of course), but can create large, complex buildings and vehicles in a short time. That's the beauty of LEGO Digital Designer version 3.1: that one has reduced LEGO on the creative part, while eliminates the stones look and long when assembled.

Nevertheless, LEGO Digital Designer version 3.1 is not "only" the models you build, you can order then just a game: over the Internet! This means that you can order all the tiles in "real" to you home with a click. You can get a price proposal and can then place the order. So, it is possible to design digital designer version 3.1 completely individual models with LEGO and to give away. You can print out even a construction manual Digital Designer version 3.1 in LEGO, just like at a LEGO model purchased!

All can LEGO Digital Designer version 3.1:

• All building blocks unlimited available
• Create component templates - combinations that you can use again and again
• A construction manual to the self-styled model preteen
• Camera options, Durchsichtigkeits mode
• Extracts the most creative of LEGO, and packed in a software
• Order the even fictional model for you to build, or to give as a gift!

LEGO: from children's hands to the computer screen

The company LEGO, which was Mother House of LEGO Digital Designer version 3.1, in the thirties of the last century until her wooden cubes. Only after the second world war, the first plastic building blocks have been produced. For generations, LEGO had a place under the Christmas tree. Computer and video games began to displace classic games more and more, the company had to reinvent itself. Various computer games were released, as well as the program LEGO Digital Designer version 3.1, which is to build bridges between the virtual and real world.

Description of the version: LEGO Digital Designer

The new version of LEGO Digital Designer offers many additional features an improved user interface, to facilitate the construction of your projects. So, the individual objects can be grouped now open and disturbing elements are simply hidden by the hiding function. In addition, remodeling the building instructions for new users and added a toolbar with several online features, you can run through a few clicks.

The new features of version 3.1 of the LEGO Digital Designer

• Improved and clearer interface
• Grouping similar items
• Hide disturbing objects through the hide function
• New building instructions
• Online bar with various functions

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