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League of legends is an action game in the style of DotA with many technical features.



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League of Legends

Play League of legends is based on the classic defense of the ancients, has many more features to offer. You can download it free of charge and immediately begin the adventure.

Several of legends is a PC game that will appeal to especially the fans of Defense of the ancients (DotA). Finally this freeware developed by professionals, who have contributed to the emergence of the classic DotA, at. If you like games with fast-paced action and a lot of team play, League of legends is exactly the right thing for you.

Play League of legends is designed along the lines of DotA, but it stands out however by him through many technical features and many new features. There is for example no longer bound by the restrictions of the Warcraft 3 engine, but the game is designed for huge team battle with the heroes in the lead role. Another feature of League of legends is that you can retrieve at any time information on the minimap on your teammates and the opponents. It is also in League of legends in comparison with DotA of much easier and more comfortable, weapons and armor to buy it or perform upgrades. For optimal enjoyment of games are even different battlefields to provide this software – you have the choice.

You can download the freeware League of legends, you can quickly and easily install on your computer and is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you want to make the game according to your own ideas, the micro-payments (additional purchases) available are: through it you get for example in possession of special outfits or new champions.

Description of the version: League of Legends

The action-game League of legends is based on the classic games defense of the ancients (DotA), but can come up with many innovations. It offers such as several battlefields and on the minimap, you can retrieve information about your opponents and team members at any time. The game's free download available, you can quickly and easily install it on your computer and you just dive into the first adventure in the world of League of legends.

The PC-game League of legends in the near future:

• Installation on your PC quickly and easily
• Numerous additional features in comparison with the model of DotA
• Micro-payments for individual design of the games

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