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Lava lamp i-mate offers a realistic-looking lava lamp screen saver.



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Lavalampe i-Mate

The i-mate lava lamp is a small utility with which you can get your own blue-glowing lava lamp on the computer screen. The lava lamp i-mate is modeled after the original in the real world and enlightens your work in 3D. The blue bubble in the Middle gives you a realistic impression and soothes all the senses. The settings of the lava lamp i-mate are very easy to use. You can shine let the lamp in the center of your screen, or you can place them in any way on the monitor. In the full version you can choose even seven different colors of the lava lamp i-mate and enlighten them in your favorite color. With a password, your computer with the lava lamp i-mate is reliably protected against unauthorized access, and you can easily leave your workplace with the screen saver without fear to have your PC.

In addition, you can upgrade the lava lamp i-mate to an individual version. In addition to the lava lamp a custom screen saver is designed exclusively by the developer friends, if nothing any photo file. Thus, the lava lamp i-mate is no ordinary freeware program, but you can extend in all directions. Setting up the lava lamp i-mate on your computer is very easy. Run the 1.3 MB small setup file and wait a short time before the screen saver is extracted. Then you can choose easily the screen saver in the Windows XP default desktop settings. The lava lamp will then appear in the "Screen saver" tab, and you can select them with one click.

You can the lava lamp i-mate here with us for free download. The upgrades can be purchased at any time free switched. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The key features of i-mate lava lamp:

• Get a realistic lava lamp on the PC screen.
• Admire the rotating 3D-Blase in the middle.
• Set a password protection against unauthorized access to your PC.
• Choose the full version of seven different colours.
• Upgrade your lava lamp to an individual screen saver.
• Unlock all extensions at any time purchased.

The development history of the lava lamp i-mate

The lava lamp i-mate desktop-fun has been programmed by the developers and is with the version updated. The idea behind the little program is the realistic illustration of a soothing lava lamp screen saver with an additional password protection. The screen saver will be regularly developed and adapted to the latest events.

Description of the version: Lavalampe i-Mate

Are you a fan of lava lamps? Then you should not miss this wallpaper you. In the current version of lava lamp i-mate you can choose between 7 different colors, pleasant brighten up your screen in the background. The soothing bubble of lamp does to the rest, to make your work comfortable calm and stress-free. The light can be positioned with this version in a place specified by you.

Features of i-mate lava lamp version

• Screen background image of a lava lamp switched on
• Choice of 7 colors
• Position can be set free
• Sound effects for a realistic representation

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