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Launchy offers features for those who want to quickly call documents and programs.



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Launchy is a tiny little tool for your computer, with which you can do great things. Quickly search your directories for relevant data and programs and run it with just a few clicks.

Who works a lot with the computer, wonder constantly how he can accelerate its work processes. Usually, there are many small handles, where the most time can be saved. If you're wondering how you can more effectively make your work in the future, you should check out the tool Launchy. Launchy is an innovative small software product that you can greatly facilitate the open programs and documents. It is small time savings, which can do a lot in the sum. Should it also sometimes does not quickly go ahead enough friends on the computer, certainly worth a glance Launchy.

Launchy can significantly extend features such as the Quick Launch bar and improve. With the tool, it is possible, without complicated searching folders for quick access to all your important documents and programs. It is sufficient to enter of fewer letters of the object and the tool then searches automatically relevant places on the hard drive. After pressing the Enter key is sufficient and the program is started and the document is opened. So fast, you're never gebrowst with the contents of your system.

The development of Launchy
The useful little helpers Launchy for your desktop is developed by programmer Josh Karlin. It is completely free software, you always can download for your system. The tool is an open-source project, and will include in its functions continuously useful features.

Description of the version: Launchy

The tool Launchy in the new version 2.5 can start even faster for you programs and open documents, even if you don't know its exact location on the hard disk. If you are a user of Linux, it is you glad that Launchy now allows for an easier operation on this operating system. Support can be offered now also for the Mac OS X operating system. Some new shortcuts for faster program invocation and an ease of creating skins have been added.

The new features of Launchy in the version 2.5

• The tool is now with Mac OS X compatible
• Easier control of the tools under Linux
• The tool now has their own icon in the system tray

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