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LastSharp is a free tool from, with which you can save and listen to songs.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 22.06.2011


With LastSharp to get the services of on your computer you. After logging in the Internet portal you enter just any title, artist or album, you can directly listen to and even save.

After you have downloaded the free tool LastSharp friends and have created an account at, you can browse in the program immediately after music. This sign in under your username and you got access to your pre-loaded music files and lots of other titles. You can integrate this clearly in play lists and other individual playlists. You are looking for new songs, you enter just the title, the artists or the music direction and then the song with album art and additional information will be displayed. If you like it, you can download it immediately on request. The special feature of is that similar sounding songs are proposed you, allowing you to meet new artists, which meet exactly your taste.

You can save the songs in the built-in audio player and listen to always she, if you feel like it. To find the player on the button is audio in the menu bar of LastSharp. Here you can listen to not only the songs, that you downloaded at, and other music files can be opened from the hard disk.

The design of LastSharp is clear and simple, so that you have access to your favorite titles immediately, without having to search long. While it represents a practical music program with its high functionality, ease of use and ease of use, where you can store all your songs and listen to. In addition you can accumulate quickly, easily and legally your playlist with new songs.

Description of the version: LastSharp

The latest version of LastSharp comes with some renovations and optimized settings. Incorrect commands were repaired and the usability was further refined. So appears, for example, now friends, if you accidentally double loaded a song, making your playlist is much clearer. Also you can set a personal filtering you, is used to automate the download process according to your wishes under "Advanced settings".

This gives you the latest version LastSharp 0.4.5 release 2

• Clear size of 676.8 KByte
• Compatible with win XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
• Notification of duplicate files
• Personal filter to the automated download

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