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Will in the role-playing game last chaos of the Savior of the world of IRIS. To do this, you need courage and skill.



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Last Chaos

The fight starts, equip your soldiers. The 3D-Rollenspiel load you need to store in the land of IRIS chaos as ruler before his downfall. Here not only the forging of alliances, but also betrayal, hatred, and envy are the order of the day.

The 3D-Rollenspiel last chaos is a so-called "Massively multiplayer online role playing game", MMORPG, which you can play over the Internet against thousands of other players online. In the 3D world is dominated only betrayal and numerous intrigues. For this reason the violence is increasing. So you have to give here your best, to safely survive the chaos. Is your goal: become the ruler of the world of IRIS. To do this, you need courage and different capabilities, as well as corresponding talents.

In last chaos are you five different character classes such as Knight, Mage, titanium etc. At the beginning of the game, you have to select a class. Note here that all classes have advantages and disadvantages. Last chaos is a typical role-playing game, in which you need to solve problems and do. So, you can do the tasks, for example, in the personal Dungeonsmodus or also in public dungeons and temples mode. In public mode you can get also help from other players. For this purpose, the pet system exists. With other players, you can pull against hordes of enemies in the fight. You get a reward for each solved task. Furthermore you have to mind also the trade. Sell your loot, to develop your skills. In last chaos, the four different areas of action are a safe place. Here no one can hurt you. You leave those places, you have to continue to fight. The development of your personal character chaos makes load not only exciting, but also full of action. This load can compete easily mess with other representatives of the genre.

Description of the version: Last Chaos

Courage, tactics and skill – are the talents you need for the 3D-Rollenspiel last chaos. Here awaits you a world full of violence, hatred and envy? Your goal is to become the ruler of the fantasy world of IRIS and to end the war. Make up your mind at the start of the game for one of the five character classes and always evolve your skills during the game. Explore places and fight against your enemies. The only safe place is the world of action. Here you can sell your loot or trade for useful things.

Functional overview of the role-playing game last chaos

• 3D-Rollenspiel playable in the personal Dungeonsmodus or in public dungeons and temples mode
• 5 different character classes
• Individual character development
• Item manufacturing and trading system
• Pet system
• Detailed 3D graphics

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