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Laptop alarm is a program that brings you a well-functioning alarm system on your laptop.



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Laptop alarm is a small and very useful program. If you're using your laptop in a public library, for example, you leave out Yes and again your workplace. The program ensures that no one can make to create your notebook. You are installing laptop alarm easily on the laptop and forgive a personal password. If you leave your job, you activate laptop alarm. If now someone is trying to pull the plug or shutting down the system, laptop reports alarm with a piercing siren tone that will deter any thief. It is enough to move the mouse and your small alarm system reports this unauthorised access immediately. Of course you can disable alarm immediately laptop with your password.

Laptop alarm is available as free shareware on the Internet for downloading. You can purchase the full version. Once you have activated the program, you can be sure, that your notebook in any public place against unauthorised access is protected and you you calmed down for a few minutes can remove without experiencing a nasty surprise. It has become now very easy to browse the public using Web sticks in the Internet. What would you do but if you are travelling by train, for example, and you want to get a cup of coffee in the dining car? Without a laptop you left your notebook safe alarm with an unpleasant feeling in the compartment. When you activate this alarm system but that she protects your notebook. In case of doubt, at least the thief is found quickly. Because laptop alarm works continue, even if the system is switched off. Only you can turn it off again with the password.

Of course, it is always better to keep the laptop in the eye. Absolutely reliable protection will also offer a program like laptop can not alarm you. Longer period of time you should let your notebook so not out of sight. If you want to try the shareware version of this program, you just click on the button "Download". A Setup Wizard guides you through the installation. You forgive your personal password and can now activate alarm laptop, whenever you need it.

Features of laptop alarm

• The downloadable shareware version for free, full version costs 8 euro
• With 985 KB a very small download size
• Password protected
• Warning function when the system shuts down or pulling the plug
• Warning function when removing a USB stick, or when you move the mouse
• Disabling the password possible

System requirements and download

Laptop alarm is available as shareware for free download on the Internet available. The program works with the Windows operating systems Windows XP and Windows Vista. The full version costs 8 euro. The file download size is just 985,3 kByte.

Description of the version: Laptop-Alarm

If you want to take your laptop in the library or in a Café, and just leave your seat, you have to take the laptop each time. With the latest version of the laptop alarm you can protect yourself from unwanted access. If the power cord or the mouse is removed, the computer gives a loud tone. Even if someone shuts down the laptop, the alarm is activated.

More protection with the new version of the laptop alarm

• The power cord is now your Castle.
• The laptop alarm is integrated into the Windows environment. If you lock the desktop, you locked him also.
• Protect your USB stick and your mouse.

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