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Langenscheidt Kurs 2 Englisch

Languages are important at the present time, probably as important as never before. Especially English is essential, if you move in the international arena. Yet don't you feel safe enough in this respect? In this case, you can watch the Langenscheidt course 2 English 5.0 buy in either CD-ROM or friends the Langenscheidt course 2 English 5.0 from the Internet download. This variant is more favourable, because saving English 5.0 packaging costs for the Langenscheidt course 2.

The Langenscheidt English 5.0 course 2 is aimed at people who speak English already. He aimed at advanced students and returnees who want to refresh their language skills with the Langenscheidt course 2 English 5.0 or deepen. The Langenscheidt course 2 English 5.0 moves between levels B1 and B2 of the common European framework of reference for languages. The course includes interactive elements, in which everyday situations be readjusted its course and outcome you may choose. As an extra, the Langenscheidt course 2 English 5.0 includes an electronic dictionary, where you always can look up vocabulary. Furthermore, it will find you within the program audio files - the CD ROM version it is an audio-CD with a vocabulary trainer as well as a booklet that provides the learning vocabulary and dialog texts for you.

With the software, you can create different ways of learning. The Langenscheidt course 2 English 5.0 as a tiered learning system set up. In the meantime, you can check your learning success thanks to the exercise evaluation and individual learning proposals and set your next exercise focuses itself on the basis of the proposals. So you can specifically work on your weaknesses and with the Langenscheidt course 2 holistic form your language skills English 5.0.

Facts about the Langenscheidt course 2 English 5.0

• Loading the Langescheidt course 2 English 5.0 on your PC.
• interactive learning methods included
• System requirements: Windows
• Use Mozilla 2.0 or Internet Explorer 6.0
• Learn vocabulary by MP3 player
• Success feedback integrated

The long road to the Langenscheidt course 2 English 5.0 and other products

The Langenscheidt Verlag in Berlin was founded over 150 years ago. Today the company in Munich is located and is one of the most famous language publishers, in addition to some other. As the first product, the company released a self learning course. In addition, there were English and French dictionaries. Meanwhile, the publishing program includes many more languages and offers in addition to dictionaries also many other materials, such as, for example, the Langenscheidt course 2 English 5.0.

Description of the version: Langenscheidt Kurs 2 Englisch

In version 5.0 of the Langenscheidt course 2 English await new situations, to improve your language skills. The interactive scenarios were adapted more to the learners and held as close to the reality. Also the evaluations have been elaborated in terms of the ease of use and the training of the correct pronunciation could be made even more accurately. In addition the vocabulary of the software added important new neologism and concepts from modern everyday life.

Changes of the Langenscheidt course 2 English 5.0

• New situations have been integrated
• Increased focus on more realistic scenes
• More precise training of the correct pronunciation
• Improve the user experience
• Vocabulary

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