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The tool LameXP enables the conversion of music files in many popular formats.



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With LameXP, you can easily convert your music files in a variety of formats. The required Lame codec is already included in the program, a separate installation is not required.

Today many devices offer a playback function for music files - from the software solution for PC and notebook via the mobile DVD player and game console in the range. The problem: Not every file format with any output device is often compatible, so that the music on the line can remain. You can remedy with LameXP: the program lets you convert your music files in formats convenient, in addition to the well-known MP3 also Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MP4/AAC, as well as the WAV container format are supported. As output files in addition to MP2, AC3, DTS, ALAC, and many others are accepted in addition to the listed file extensions, in addition also playlists can be read. The information provided on the respective songs, are conveniently applied and after the conversion process.

LameXP provides you more useful features – so the conversion function can in the context menu of Windows Explorer are integrated and then directly elected. The lame codec necessary to encode is already included in the program. A total of LameXP is very easy to use and allows even beginners an easy convert of your music files through the clear and self-explanatory user interface. The setting options are viewable simply by clicking on the appropriate tab. With "Add" and "Remove" buttons, you can create a list of files to be encoded and choose a destination directory, click on "Now coding", you then start the conversion process.

Description of the version: LameXP

The latest version 4.0.1 of the conversion tools LameXP provides new features and many improvements compared to the previous version. Now you can determine in which directory the temporary files will be placed. The shutdown feature is also new: with it you can get that the computer shuts down automatically after the conversion of all files. The contained encoders have been updated, the translations have been revised. In addition, performance problems and minor bugs have been fixed.

LameXP 4.0.1 brings these new features

• Free choice of the temporary directory
• Updated encoder (lame, Vorbis, etc.)
• New shutdown feature can automatically shutdown PC
• Improved translations
• Performance problems and other bugs have been fixed

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