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The software Kristal audio engine is a simple recording Studio program for music recording.



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Kristal Audio Engine

With the Kristal audio engine, you mix music like in a professional music Studio. You get color-separated audio tracks and can record your music is easily and mix.

The software Kristal audio engine is a simple recording Studio program, with which you record music and can mix. Like in a professional Studio, you will find several audio tracks that are color separated for better distinction. A specific instrument is associated with each audio track, you can however make the distribution according to your wishes. For each audio track, you will find several features that allow you to play music.

The record button you record music Kristal audio engine in which, usually, this is done via a microphone or sound card. After recording, you can play the full song or even individual tracks. About the start and end markers in the window, you can choose only a specific area which is to be played. Other features available are in the top toolbar, for example, the zoom on a specific area in the song or cutting out individual music parts. About plug-in the some other virtual instruments on the computer can be recorded. With some built-in effects, you edit the music again and give her the perfect finishing touch.

The Kristal audio engine program was developed with the idea to create a professional recording Studio software as freeware. Thus, the program for each is available free for downloading. The software includes many features that also appear in paid programs, however, for example, no MIDI devices can be connected. The software is in English, but even beginners find their way in.

Description of the version: Kristal Audio Engine

In the latest version of the Kristal audio engine, the initially existing features have been revised. You get a total of 16 audio tracks, you can mix using the mixer. Thus, each track has its own characteristics within the songs. The built-in Equalizer ensures the treble and bass of each track. With the software you save from your music tracks in a desired quality, either in 16, 24, or 32-bit. The function KristalMultiDelay, you give additional effects in your music.

The most important functions in the Kristal audio engine 1.0.1

• 16 Audio tracks to mix your music
• 3-Band equalizer to adjust the bass and treble
• Save your music in a desired quality
Other effects on KristalMultiDelay enter •

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