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Crossword puzzles are quite quickly even created with this software and printed out.



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Now you can create your own crossword puzzle with the same software. The software offers many variants and even a Scrabble help you, if you even don't know what Word could fit.

Everyone will solve every now and again like a crossword puzzle. Take care of your family, friends and acquaintances yourself simply with crossword puzzles from your pen. This makes the software crossword free possible.

With a database of 4,000 words Crossword can quickly generate your very own friends. 4,000 Words none will come, because as soon you, that looks like the other. You have the feeling that a word or even a puzzle appears twice, once then the whole extend just to your own words, because it is possible. So, you can create puzzles in your very own style. The program offers you even more types of crossword making friends so quickly not boring. You can choose between the Sweden Enigma, the puzzle or the puzzle grid. Once created and filled with words, you can easily print out the whole thing and solve, or pass on to your family, friends or acquaintances. Should you feel themselves spontaneously to solve it, you can do this also comfortably at the PC. In addition to the crossword puzzle features, the software offers a Scrabble help. Here you can enter the letters, which are available, and the program uses the database to match what words from the letters can be made. The database of 4,000 words still not enough for you, which can download a dictionary containing no less than 30,000 words on the official homepage. With the choice of words, nothing in the way is your mystery night.

Description of the version: Kreuzworträtsel

The software-crossword puzzle offers many benefits that are so unable to provide others. There 15 different puzzle styles offered you, from which you can choose. The size of the individual puzzles can go up to 30 x 30 fields. Solution words can be dictated by yourself, or it can be created by the program itself. You can freely choose the complete layout of the puzzle box color and font color. More words can be applied not only even entered, but just from a whole text file.

Functions and features of the crossword puzzle

• 30,000 Words by downloading the add-on possible
• A maximum size of 30 x 30 fields
• Free customizable layout, color, font and shape
• 15 different puzzle styles

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