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The concentration trainer 7 offers playful learning. So you become the memory artists.



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Forget homework? Messed up the numbers? The class work once again had a blackout? Then the concentration trainer 7 can help you. Playful improves the concentration trainer 7 your memory and your memory. The program is aimed at small and large children from the age of ten.

The concentration trainer 7 includes several games, which all together will train your memory. The numbers have come in the game numbers Street in a wrong order. You want to make them in the correct order. Click on as soon as possible and train so your memory capacity. And if you want any numbers, you can play the same exercise at the concentration trainer 7 with letters. In the game, you can improve your mental accounting. The concentration trainer 7 provides you an addition problem and gives you several possible answers. Like the numbers game is about speed here too. Click on the correct answer and let the concentration trainer 7 show you whether you're the future master of head calculators. If you are already an avid fan of the card game memory as a child, then you can't be happy now already times correctly. A ' no ' on the popular card game game is also at the new concentration trainer 7.

The concentration trainer 7 graded your mistakes after each completed task and shows you how much time you have needed for the task. Thus, you can recognize your weaknesses yourself and improve your memory with each task with the concentration trainer 7.

Concentration trainer 7 - other functions

• free download
• the memory playing practice
• multiple game engines
• various Memoryspiele
• Rechenübungen
• Grading system

Success through repetition

Concentration trainer 7 - the principle is based on repetition. To retrieve a learning material at any time, it must be first anchored in memory. It's only through practice. The more often you repeat a certain thing, the safer it is stored in your brain. That you can retrieve at any time the learning of your "hard drive" - If, and only if you need it. You'll notice that in the school and home learning. And never get bored by the playful approach. The grading system at the concentration trainer 7, you can see where your weaknesses lie and constantly improve it.

Description of the version: Konzentrationstrainer

The concentration of coach in the current version has some new exercises that improve the concentration allows children as young as 10. This is the new version mainly to the recognition by number or letter series. In addition, the program with the new version offers a variety of new computing tasks, where as quickly as possible the correct result must be found and clicked on. Also new memory tasks in the form of memory games have been supplemented.

New features of the concentration trainer 7

• Extension to new tasks
• Update existing exercises
• Recognition of number and letter series
• updated computing tasks
• suitable for children 10 years and older

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