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The sticky notes NG allows you to remember important dates and birthdays.



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Klebezettel NG

Forget never more important dates. Now, with the sticky notes NG, this is reality. This freeware reminds you of anniversaries and birthdays. On request, the note can be encrypted even.

The new freeware sticky notes NG you all important anniversaries and birthdays in the overview. No anniversary will forget more. Now NG notes remember to remember every appointment and therefore stay up to date. Sticky notes NG encrypted even your notes with AES on request.

The version features practical functions in the Calendar pane. So, the notes are automatically deleted after an alarm upon request. Also, you can run this feature on Windows 7 as it runs flawlessly. New basic settings, such as viewing previous birthdays is possible. So, no dates will forget more. Using appointments can manage new registered or old are deleted. So you'll remember, regardless of whether it is a birthday of aunt or an important doctor's appointment every important date. You can't hold matching phone numbers or notes here. Here you can determine whether you want to be reminded at a time or have listed all current events every day at the same time. By using keyboard shortcuts, you can call now last days or browse in the future without long with the mouse to search through the program.

With the digital version of the small, yellow sticky notes, an embarrassing experience, such as a forgotten wedding day, will save you. Gluing was also recording important data, such as dates and phone numbers is done everything digital, yesterday, today.

Description of the version: Klebezettel NG

The current version sticky notes NG 2.9.8 has a calendar function that reminds you of all the important dates and birthdays with an alarm function. In addition, new basic settings can be made. So, you now have the possibility to display past birthdays to you. Also, you can set a reminder that you will receive these daily at midnight or at another time. Another innovation is displaying birthdays since the last startup. Fixed bugs from the previous version.

The most important innovations of the sticky note NG in version 2.9.8:

• Viewing of past birthdays
• Show the last birthdays since the last startup
• Daily reminder
• Editing window now always in the foreground present
• New call parameters for easier operation

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