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Kinovea lets you frame by frame accurate analysis of videos and fast movements.



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Kinovea is a different video player. Its advantage lies in its extreme slow motion function that enables you to analyze videos frame by frame. The player is particularly suitable for analyses of athletes, actors, or movements in General.

Kinovea is a clear niche, addressed only to a small audience. Should you be looking for such a video program, you will find so quickly no better solution, which is still free to do so. The program is excellent especially for sports analysis or motion studies. Should you be animator and movements have to adjust for animated films, you're just as good with Kinovea advise how to take an actor who wants to analyze his performance or sports students, the sports records examine.

Its slow motion function, with which you can study videos frame by frame is the main function and the core of the whole program. Of course, Kinovea dominates also the acceleration of videos. So are you able to study movements, to reproduce, to evaluate, to trace or that whatever the meaning is you. A further, very practical, that distinguishes Kinovea, is the split function. Thus, you can parallel run two videos and compare them directly. Or you can start a single video with different time or speed settings side by side. Test the program, it's like another world, to be able to capture all the details of fast movements.

Kinovea is however only suitable as a normal player, but can it be used as such, should be no alternative is available. The program is there for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, is entirely in German and needed only slim 16.4 megabytes disk space as an installation file.

Description of the version: Kinovea

Kinovea is a special player for people who need to analyze videos, motion sequences or films. With the built-in slow motion function, even fastest movements can be exactly consider, in continuous rotation or speed up. The Splitscreenfunktion allows the viewing of two videos parallel or the switching of a video with different time settings side by side. Kinovea is suitable as a normal player only conditionally, dominates the most necessary functions, but no other player available should be.

This gives you the Kinovea-video player:

• Extreme slow motion function, which allows the analysis of videos
• Acceleration of videos available
• Splitscreenfunktion, to compare videos
• As a normal video player can be used

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