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Enchant your work place with the Kinemorphics screen saver 2005 in a blaze of colour.



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  • Updated: 24.02.2011

Kinemorphics Screen Saver

With the Kinemorphics screen saver 2005 you can let your screen in each work break to become a work of art. From over a hundred different shapes and patterns of movement, you can pre-select and make friends with Kinemorphics screen saver 2005 your personal patterning on the screen. The pattern of Kinemorphics screen saver screen saver animated in 3D optics 2005 vary in color and complexity. You may have with the colorful animated images add a happy psychedelic flair to your PC during work breaks and hypnotize you by the ever-changing shapes and colors.

The organically interconnected forms of the Kinemorphics screen saver 2005 moving relentlessly, fused and form over again intriguing new units, which make this screensaver a real experience. The very realistic lighting elements leave the flying across the screen patterns very vivid and lively. Every single image of the Kinemorphics screen saver 2005 offers a virtually uncountable repertoire of different patterns.

But the Kinemorphics screen saver 2005 can do even more: it is for example possible to synchronize the Kinemorphics screen saver 2005 with the sounds of your audio drive. The illustrated forms are in sync with your music and act as co-ordinated. This perfect synchronization of optics and acoustics with the Kinemorphics screen saver 2005 is something very special and a highlight for your PC. With the practical preview graphics in your control panel, you can go through in advance all the graphics that interest you, and you decide for one of the many.

Facts and figures on the Kinemorphics screen saver 2005:

• 3D graphics
• Freeware
• German/English
• Windows 2000
• 4.22 MB
• psychedelic patterns

Download and install of the Kinemorphics screen saver 2005:

The Kinemorphics screen saver 2005 is free freeware that you can download for free here all on your PC. Download steps are accessed by the Installation Manager and very easy to go through. In addition to the location, you can set the menu language directly from the download. The Kinemorphics screen saver 2005 designed for Windows 2000 can be used immediately after the installation in operation and requires no reboot of your PC.

Description of the version: Kinemorphics Screen Saver

The current version of Kinemorphics screen saver is now equipped to refreshing and many colours. Adjust by itself at the background of your PC on the brightness control. This screen saver now offers a comprehensive protection against a reference of your current work and data. The screen saver is X can be used on Microsoft Windows machines as well as more recently for Mac devices with the operating system OS.

The main features of Kinemorphics screen saver

• Support of all common computer types
• Brightness automatically adjusted.
• Now available for Mac systems can be used
• Free freeware download provided.
• Short download time with DSL
• Improved power-saving mode for even less energy consumption

Kinemorphics Screen Saver 2005 program 3 d 3 d software 3 d screen 3 d software free kinemorphics-screen-saver

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