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Parental control 2010 is an effective protection for all computer-loving children.



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In the program, you can set how much time your children can spend the day before the computer. Is the time elapsed, parental-2010 automatically shuts down the PC. Your children will very quickly become accustomed to their time account with parental controls-2010. Especially in the Internet a lot dangers lurk. You can not constantly watch what pages your child visited. Parental control-2010 this responsibility take off you. First of all, after a period of time specified by you, your Internet connection automatically disconnects parental-2010.

The program controls the page content, that are looking for your children. There are many pages that basically not should visit children and young people. Parental control-2010 is able to prevent this from happening consistently. You can use Web filters with parental controls-2010. By entering specific keywords, you can prevent that pages with potential for violence or sexual content can be opened by using parental control-2010. Parental control-2010 allows you also to set up a list of sites that your children may attend. The program blocks all other Internet pages. They are automatically blocked. So now you have an excellent way to teach your kids responsible dealing with the computer. You will learn it is time, that them becomes available, solely to classify. There is no risk more, that they spend hours dealing with online games, rather than to take care of their homework or to play with friends.

If you want to try out the features of parental control-2010, the program as shareware for free download on the Internet available suits you. Simply click on the button "Download" and the helpful software installed on your PC. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Parental control-2010

• Time account
• automatic disconnection
• Auto shutdown
• Web filter
• Index control
• automatic blocking of page

System requirements and download parental control 2010-parental controls-2010 is designed for almost all known Windows operating systems starting with Windows 95. The system requirements are very low, so the program also on older PCs can be used. A Pentium III, a mouse, a VGA resolution of 600 x 800 and about 7 to 12 MB of free hard disk space are the system requirements required by the program.

Description of the version: Kindersicherung

More safety for your children with the children protection 2010: Metered can be set to blackout dates for the Internet or the PC generally. The timer can be stopped for selected programs. With the help of the remote control function you can also access parental controls, when you're not home. Also included: A concise million unwanted websites and protection against illegal MP3 downloads and file-sharing. So, your offspring can surf even safer and more consciously.

The benefits of parental 2010 at a glance

• Up-to-the-minute blackout periods
• Stop the time counter for fixed programs
• Remote control function
• Protection from illegal downloads and file-sharing
• A million unwanted websites
• TÜV tested protection of minors

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