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With Kiddikit you can allow a responsible your kids with the PC.



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With the software Kiddikit you choose which activities may make your child and how long they can work on a computer, without that you don't have to constantly check exactly. The software Kiddikit helps your children to deal responsibly with the computer.

Kiddikit user management based on Windows. Before you begin the configuration of Kiddikit, you should create a user account for your children. After you create a user account you sign off simply, so that the user profile on the computer can be stored. The administrative user profiles available are by restarting your computer. When you now start Kiddikit, a main window appears. You can make various settings in the main window. With the administrative mode, you can set specific time limits and save. You can follow the use of the corresponding user account using the log function. With one click on the function "Allowed applications" in Kiddikit you can determine which applications for your children are allowed. This could be like for example music through media player to hear applications or surfing the Internet. You need to make only a hook behind the applications that you want to allow. The operation of Kiddikit is really simple and self-explanatory. If you planted a while on an option with the mouse pointer, tool tips are displayed. Also, you can always get you in the help manual or refer to specific functions.

To test from Kiddikit you can download free software. However, the trial version of Kiddikit's only 30 days available. To continue to use Kiddikit, you charge register can. After the registration and payment, you will receive an unlock code.

Features of Kiddikit

• Intelligent parental control
• User management based on Windows
• Input time limits
• Input of allowed applications
• Blocking of applications
• Log function

The software manufacturer information

The software Kiddikit was developed by the company Merchancy GmbH & co. KG. The company exists for over 15 years and has its offices in Hamburg and Berlin. Among other things, the company offers solutions in the areas of telecommunications, or anti virus software. As the network configuration, support, among IT books, etc the performance profile.

Description of the version: kiddikit

If your kids spend too much time before the PC and you want to influence the behavior, even when you're not at home, then the solution is kiddikit in the current version. The revised program lets you control the time that spends your children - or any other users - on your PC, just got easier. Thus, unnecessary discussions are unnecessary, because kiddikit stops automatically after a predetermined period of time the PC.

Features of the current version of kiddikit

• Timing for the use of the PC
• Profiles for different users can be set
• Determination of duration, and a time window
• Can be blocked and applications.

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